1 Month Old

       When Abram was born a friend of mine wrote me, "The days are long, but the years are short". That made so much sense when I took Abram's 1 month pictures, on Saturday. I cannot believe he is already a month old! Even when the days seem so tough that I don't think I can make it, the next thing I know, a month has past. It is so bitter sweet.

       I look forward to nights with better sleep and seeing what his personality will be like, but I also know he will never be this small and new again. He has started to grow out of his newborn clothes {that I only had a couple of anyway}, and I find myself holding them up and crying as I remember him in them {I'm crazy}.

After birth- few days old- 2 weeks- 1 month

Weight: Not exactly sure....but at our surprise pediatrician appointment on Thursday he was 9 lbs 7 oz {pre induced diaper explosion}. At the two week appointment he was 21.5" long, so he is probably at least 22 by now, I would imagine. 

Health: Our poor baby seems to have inherited his momma's sensitive tummy. We switched formula several times before realizing that his formula may not be causing his extreme constipation. I'll spare you the details, but our pediatrician FINALLY agreed to take a look at him, on Thursday, after a week of hearing me beg. She was shocked and kept apologizing to me for not seeing him sooner, and causing him to be in pain. No wonder he had been so fussy! We are now monitoring him closely and if it happens again, he will have his first visit with the GI doctors.

First real bath with the help of Doodle/G-deb

Sleep: Sleep....what's that? Before the stomach issues started, he was giving us a 4 hour stretch, now we are lucky to get 2. He usually cries for 3-4 hours straight at least one time a day {keeping him awake and in pain}. Lately, it has been in the middle of the night...not cool. He only kinda sleeps in his pack-n-play...we find he does much better in his bouncy seat or boppy pillow, but we try to not do those at night.
Diet: Let's see...we have tried breast milk {you should be aware of that failure}, Similac advanced, Similac sensitive, Similac Soy, and now we are on Enfamil gentlease. Poor baby... He does love to eat though and is very impatient with his manly grunts, when not fed promptly.
Clothes: Abram has grown out of most of his newborn clothes! I was so sad to pack them away. Right now he wears 0-3 months mostly...but they are a little big bc he is long and lean. He is also wearing size 1 diapers now.

Baby Gear Love: We would prob. be dead right now if it wasn't for his bouncy seat and boppy. We invested in a white noise machine to help him sleep {he likes noise}. Swaddle blanket, Bob stroller, and pacifiers are also handy!

Crying: He mainly cries for food or when he is gassy, or just when he has an upset stomach {a lot}. Honestly, he could care less about his diaper being dirty.

Likes: Eating, putting his hands by his face, taking naps on our chest, and his favorite thing of all time is looking at lights and ceiling fans. I am pretty sure if we ever turned a fan on, he would burst with excitement. 
He only somewhat likes warm baths, pacifiers, car rides, and stroller rides...he hasn't firmly decided about these.

first visit with Aunt Layla, at Thanksgiving

Dislikes: Diaper changes, being cold and naked, quiet, having to use the bathroom, and getting lotion rubbed on him.
Milestones: Making eye contact, smiling when I laugh or when he sees a fan, and the little dude is seriously strong. From day one he has been lifting his head, and it seems like he is getting better and better at holding it up and looking around. Also, if we put him on our chest and he doesn't want to nap, he starts climbing up us with his arms and legs. You should see his leg muscles!

first Thanksgiving

       This month Abram had his first bath, first Thanksgiving celebration, picked out his first Christmas tree, first photo session, first smile, went on several walks, went shopping with mommy and doodle/g-deb, went to lunch with mom and dad, and to dinner with mom, dad, and doodle.

picking out Abram's first Christmas tree