1 Month Old | Baby 2

       We hit the 1 month mark on Sunday, and daddy and I had our first night away on Saturday. We went to the LSU game which was amazing. When we got back it seemed like Julip grew over night! Her going home outfit no longer fits...boohoo...sad mama.

       Baby girl has been a great baby so far! There has been so much that was forgotten about and is just coming back to us, and some things that are different from the first time around. She seems to have a calmer personality than her brother, or maybe she is just more sleepy because she came early...time will tell.

Weight: A few days before 1 month I weighed her on our scale and she was 9 lbs. exactly. I'm sure that may be a little inaccurate, but it shocked me that she was already that heavy! She was not even at her birth weight at the 2 week checkup and was around 20 inches.

Health: She has been in great health for the most part! I was anticipating another baby with stomach issues, but she has been using the bathroom like a NORMAL baby...thank you God! She did get a bad diaper rash, but we were able to get it to go away pretty quickly. Abram had a cold and gave her a bit of congestion, but she handled it like a champ. Other than that, just the normal gas, hiccups, and baby acne which have been helped with gripe water and dupois colic remedy.

First real bath with the help of Doodle/G-deb

Sleep: This chick will NOT sleep flat on her back! After two nights of her protesting the pack-n-play and having me hold her all night, we bought a rock-n-play...magic. She goes anywhere between 3-5.5 hours without eating at night with the average being 4 hours. She sleeps most of the day and doesn't need to be swaddled {we found out after we bought 2 miracle blankets since big brother had to have them}. Right around one month she started crying more during the day and only going 3 hours at night, but we are thinking it was a growth spurt.
Diet: I began breastfeeding again this time, but with the mindset that if it doesn't work out I will not beat myself up. Then she latched and ate wonderfully; I breastfeed easily for 3 whole days! Day 4: engorgement...according to the pamphlet. What it doesn't say is severe engorgement that won't let any milk out and the pump doesn't work on me. After working with 2 lactation consultants this time I found out that my reoccurring problem was due to hyperlactation caused by my hyperhydrosis. I am so happy to know there is a reason my body doesn't function correctly, and in the future {if there are other kids} I can combat the problem before it begins.
       The next day I got double mastitis {again} and when all the icing, antibiotics, and cabbage leaves didn't work I was ordered {by doctors and lactation consultants} to stop breastfeeding before I ended up in the hospital. FYI it is still heart breaking the second time around. I was able to exclusively breastfeed for 10 days, and then switched to Enfamil Newborn. She is a fantastic eater. We started giving her 2 oz. every 3 hours and are now at 4 oz. every 3 hours...sometimes we have to give her 1-2 more ounces.

Clothes: Julip just started to grow out of her newborn clothes and the headband she wore in her newborn photos. We are using the last of those clothes and diapers and are moving on to size 1 diapers and 0-3 month clothes.
Baby Gear Love: Rock-n-Play, sound machine, pacifiers, boppy, bouncy seat, swing, her carseat and stroller attachment, moby wrap, and aiden and anais blankets.

Crying: She cries when she is hungry {literally from sleeping to screaming}, when she has the hiccups, and when her tummy hurts.
Likes: Eating, putting her hands by her face, taking naps on our chest, sucking {pacifiers}, warm baths {she is totally relaxed}, and being rocked.
Dislikes: Diaper changes, being cold and naked, her carseat, getting dressed, and laying flat on her back.
Sibling Love: She doesn't really notice brother except for when he startles her or pokes her in the face. He loves her! He is so intrigued and wants to touch her, pet her, give her the pacifier, and feed her the bottle. He has also started imitating her crying in the car.
Milestones: Making eye contact and she really just started smiling at me as I typed this post, but my mom has seen her smile a few times {she has dimples}. She is also really good at holding up her head, but isn't very sturdy yet.
Julip's first pediatrician appointment
       This month Julip had her first bath, first doctor appointment, first photo sessions, first and only visit to the farm, first smile, went out of town twice, went shopping with mommy and doodle/g-deb, and went to a few restaurants.