10 Years With My Darlin'

        My senior year of high school I met this cute guy through football/cheerleading and we sort of hit it off. Neither of us wanted to date anyone our senior year, but after about a month of "talking" my best friend, Leigh Ann, suggested we make an official date to celebrate our relationship and, of course, get gifts {oh high school love}. On October 10th, 2002,  we were sitting in his truck {that he still drives} and decided that would be the day!

I cannot believe it has been a decade...

In the beginning...Senior Football Dinner
About 1 year later...shaving Matt's head for the first time
 2 years...Christmas
 3 years
4 years...Typical College Toga
 5 years...LSU Football
 6 years...Halloween
 7 years...Beau and Danielle's Wedding

 8 years...Cozumel Cruise

9 years...New Orleans national championship weekend 

 10 years...Austin babymoon with a little man on the way!
       We may have only been married for 2 years, but we certainly have a lot of relationship mileage under our belts...and we have had a blast creating these memories! Here is to many, many more as we enter this new chapter of our lives!