11 Months!

{Written at 11 months} This is passing by so fast...very bitter sweet. Abram's 1 year pics are in a week and I cannot wait to get our first professional photos done since his newborn shoot.

Bad pic, I know...it's hard to get a clear photo of a moving target! He was bribed with a pretzel as long as he could stand it.

Health: I brought Abram to the Dr. for his persistent cough and a rash, and it turned out he had a double ear infection that he showed no signs of. He was still smiling all the time and never rubbed his ears. We have been battling it all month; even on our vacation, and 3 antibiotics later he still has the cough, infection, and is now fussy. We will be going in for a check up next week.

Sleep: Besides the lack of sleep from his ears and cough, he sleeps well at night.
       Abram LOVES food and will eat almost anything (including paper and crumbs from the floor). I have lost count of how many teeth he has. They started coming in fast and furious this month which probably contributed to the infections. Last I counted, he has 12 teeth (yes his canines came in on top and bottom)...but he may have 2 more on the bottom now. I can't keep up.

       He still pulls up and walks around furniture. He will also let go and stand and ALMOST take a step, but then he gets scared and sits. He is such a cautious kid...he even looks up to make sure he doesn't bump his head when he stands.

       Abram loves crawling, standing, chewing on anything, ripping paper, banging anything, screaming dada when he is excited, pizza, pacifiers, picking his nose, naps, music, art (mostly chewing on the crayons), dancing, baths, his mom and dad, washing his hands, walks in the stroller, remotes, the computer and dog toys.

       He hates being held down on his back, sitting still, getting his face wiped, getting licked by Bijou, getting something taken from him (he now screams), being woken up early, and staying up late.
       Over the past month we went on vacation to Tahoe, Napa Valley, and San Fransisco; where we got to hike, visit wineries, go to the urgent care (his fever from infection), and see the sites in San Fran. Abram got to go to his first County Fair where we pet goats and deer, and saw a momma cow and her calf (he thought they were hilarious). We also decorated for fall and ordered Abram's halloween costume (love it). We have tons a plans for this month; including the a trip to Louisiana, the pumpkin patch, halloween, family pics, and his birthday party.