15 Weeks in Louisiana

       I spent my 15 weeks in Louisiana, celebrating David's graduation from LSU (congrats David!). This pic was taken while we were fishin' in the bayou (15 weeks 2 days).

Total weight gain/loss: +6-7 pounds I think
Baby’s Size: Naval Orange
Maternity clothes? Just my stretchy dresses, not really maternity clothes
Stretch marks? No
Sleep: great
Best moment this week: David graduating and fishing
Miss Anything?  Drinking at celebrations and sushi
Movement: Not sure…
Food cravings: Just hungry
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nope
Have you started to show yet:  My belly is definitely growing...hopefully from baby and not from food 
Gender prediction: My family did the needle/string over my wrist when I was young and it has always said boy first
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out?  In
Wedding rings on or off?  On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy
Looking forward to:  Getting a noticeable baby bump that looks like baby and finding out the gender
       My symptoms are pretty manageable these days. I still get worn out quickly during boot camp work outs and my lower back, tail bone, sciatic nerve pain are definitely there...but I will take that over feeling sick or dizzy any day.
       It was so nice to be back in Baton Rouge on Friday. Before the graduation I had lunch with the Ritter Maher gang which validated why I loved working with those people. We walked a long distance to the graduation in heels (blisters) and the buildings air conditioning system obviously wasn’t able to work against the Louisiana heat…my feet got so swollen that it looked like two stuffed sausages...and I was so sweaty. BUT…we saw David graduate and that made it all worth it. Instead of going to a bar after dinner Matt and I rented a movie and went back to David’s…I feel asleep during the intro credits. How old are we!?
The only pic I have of the rest of us at Graduation...I swear we took some with David after, but I have no clue who has them. Serves me right for being lazy all weekend and not bringing my camera. That program was an amazing fan!
The LSU Mechanical Engineering Graduate brothers...again Congrats David and welcome to Houston!
       Saturday we headed to Ville Platte to attend the wedding of one of Matt’s college friends. It was your typical Southern Louisiana wedding which was nice considering it had been a while since we had been to one. The ceremony was in the town’s Catholic church, and it was a 1.5 hour long ceremony complete with a full mass (not my cup of tea). I had not realized they had changed all the “people’s answers” back to the priest…I kept asking Matt why this church says different things haha. 
       The reception was at the bride’s parents home near Mamou…the house was beautiful, like an old southern bed and breakfast. They had beer and wine flowing, and a delicious punch that I was able to enjoy. The wedding cake was a traditional one and the groom’s cake was a hunting themed duck cake with lsu cookies on the side. (Again wishing I hadn't been lazy with the camera) There was chicken, beef, watermelon, green beans, skewers of cherry tomoatoes, mint, and parmesean (my favorite). They had a fun jump next to the field of cows in the back for kids to play on, and of course there was some Cajun music thrown in…complete with beer head bands the wedding party threw on…not sure why but it was funny to watch. Cajuns just love life…and love to have a great time. That night we went to LaFonda’s…our favorite margarita destination…that was HARD!
Them LSU boys...always having a good time
       Sunday we went on a spur of the moment boat ride through Henderson swamp to go fishing. I only had one pair of shorts on the trip so I threw those on and we headed out. We had the bemini top to protect me and the baby from getting too over-heated in the sun and together, Matt and I caught a Brim…he hooked it and I reeled it in. :) Team Work!