2 months

       Things are certainly changing around this house. Abram's personality came through little by little this month, making me excited to see him grow and learn new things. This month was mostly comprised of figuring out his digestive issues, his sleep schedule/issues, and seeing him smile when he was fed and happy.

      Right around the time of the 1 month post, Abram started to get a receding hairline, and then continued to lose all of his hair on the top of his head. Yes, our son was "Old man Abe"...I hate that nickname and will never repeat it. Just when we thought it would all fall out, tiny little hairs started showing up again. It was so strange because the color didn't even change. Babies.... Anyway one thing we have noticed is how thin it is {like mine}, so it has a slight spike...and a red tint to it! 

       Never thought we would have a red head, my family is full of them and Matt's mom has brown hair with a red tint. This month we have seen more and more of Matt's mom and grandma in Abram. She was the only grandparent who wasn't still with us when we started dating. We always say she got us together...so now I guess she gave us Abram too. ;)

1 Month- 6 Weeks {after his shots}- 2 Months

Weight & Height: We had to visit the pediatric surgeon for his constipation issues the day before he was two months old and he weighed 11 lbs 11 oz. It shocked us! He is so long, at almost 25 inches that he looks thinner than he is I guess. At he 2 month check-up {which we did at 6 weeks}, he was just under the 50% for his weight and head circumference, and was in the 86% for his height. Dang son!

Health: His tummy trouble/constipation didn't change after my post last month, so we ended up having to visit the Pediatric GI Dr. and Pediatric Surgeon. Fun stuff... We have to now do manual treatments at home, once a day, and give him prune juice in every bottle. Sometimes he still has flare ups, but we are hoping that this month we get things under control. Having a baby that is always in pain sort of disrupts any type of feeding schedule/sleep schedule/normal life.

He loves to be naked...what a boy!
Sleep: This month started out with very little sleep, but around 6 weeks he started sleeping in his pack-n-play and not the bouncer. He would take naps and he started sleeping 4 hour stretches at night right before Christmas. Merry Christmas! 

       I had been loosely following a Babywise type of sleep schedule since 4 or 5 weeks, but with his tummy it was hard. At around 8 weeks I started a firm schedule with regular feedings every day, a bedtime routine {bath and a book}, and a dream feed. He goes to sleep pretty easily by just swaddling him with white noise, turning him on his side, and patting his rear until he is drowsy, then he puts himself to sleep. A week after he started napping, he stopped. His naps last anywhere from 20-45 minutes {in the pack-n-play and crib} and then he is up and WILL NOT GO BACK DOWN. That makes my days lots of fun! Not.

Diet: Enfamil Gentlease with about 2 tsp prune juice. We tried lactilose, but hated it. He eats anywhere between 3-5 oz. at a feeding...usually 4.
Clothes: At 3 weeks he started wearing 3 months clothes, and by 5 was completely out of his newborn clothes.  They are now headed to the attic with my maternity clothes. He is still in size 1 diapers.

My elf

Baby Gear Love: Still love the boppy. Love his pack-n-play and his infant/toddler tub. Still love the swaddle and white noise machine. We are always taking him places in the strollers {we have 3 but use 2 now}. We use a rattle toy during tummy time, but he is not as interested in it as he is with me.

Crying: He knows what he wants..."I'M HUNGRY!" or "I'M TIRED!". The only times he really cries besides that are when he is cold or in pain.

Likes: Eating, bedtime in his pack-n-play, baths...he just chills...and pees in the water, talking to me, smiling, and his favorite thing of all time is still looking at lights and ceiling fans. When my mom would walk with him through her house, he would stare at the lights, fans, and dark beams. I think we have another architect or engineer in the future.

Christmas with Aunt Kiki

Dislikes: Diaper changes, being cold, quiet, having to use the bathroom, tummy time, and getting lotion rubbed on him.
Milestones: He is all smiles. He smiles when we talk to him or when we laugh. We have conversations that no one understands, but him. He laughs at my dad more than anyone {I would too ;)}. He is still trying to stand. He also has really good control of his head. 

first Christmas

       This month Abram went to Oklahoma for the first time, got his first shots, had his first Christmas and Christmas shopping, saw his first snow {I'm sick we didn't get pics}, celebrated his first New Years {with his best friend Sam}, and lots more walks and dates out. He also met his Great Grandparents and Uncle Red for the first time. 
What's up peeps...like my Christmas sweater?