2011...Looking Back

What a year...we all go through our good and bad years, our ups and downs...hoping I am on the uphill march right now.
I started this year celebrating in Austin with a husband, a dog, in school, and looking forward to the end.
My mom's side of the family celebrated my Grandparent's Anniversary
My new "nephew" Clark was born

I battled my way through computer crashes, hit-and-runs, several printing errors, sleepless nights, no weekends....no life....and I graduated
My cousin Crew was born
I traveled with my family to Cancun
We celebrated the 4th of July on a boat, in Oklahoma, at my Aunt Susie's wedding
Gable was lost by a friend while we were in Galveston...and we were destroyed
I searched Houston which is no easy feat...I met homeless people, circus people, animal lovers, animal haters, etc.
I crossed paths with Lucky, a charming pit/lab mix who was being brought in to be killed for being too big... I brought Lucky home with me
I went on a Silver Belles vacation to Gulf Shores in the middle of a tropical storm
I got a few part time jobs (photography set design, intern architect, etc)
I spent a weekend in New Orleans for a wedding
We had our Walker Thanksgiving in Oklahoma, complete with pictionary

I had a big interview and no job offer...and one part time job ended in the same week
We got a playmate for Lucky...Bijou
Lucky was hit by a car in Lafayette, two days before Christmas (6 days after getting Bijou) and died in Matt's arms...we were yet again destroyed....causing us to think hard about our family
Celebrated Christmas at the Tag's
Bijou hung herself from our fence by her leash, after climbing up it, and almost died (same week as Lucky)...a few neighbor boys down the road heard her crying and ran to save her...I baked them a cake, got a large crate to put her in until we can train her for separation anxiety, and thanked Lucky for being her guardian angel :(
I quit my job with the photographer, but have a new opportunity to help design a restaurant...or two
I ended the year at home, relaxing by the fire with my sleeping husband, a dog, looking forward to the new beginning...2012 please be kind