Over the years I have gone from welcoming the new year with a list of resolutions of what I want to do, to a few simple resolutions of the type of life I want to live. Change is always uncomfortable for me; heck, I think it is for most people. I once heard a saying from a friend, "when it comes to change in humans, slow is fast". For me that could not be more true, so while the idea of the first day of the new year being like a restart button and suddenly everything changes sounds great; in reality I know that these resolutions will be a commitment I strive for each day of the new year. Maybe by 2016 I will be one step closer to the person I want to be.

Balance and no expectations are my resolutions. After having Julip and going from a full-time working mom of 1 to a part-time work-at-home mom of 2, I am still dealing with a lot of change. There are days when it seems like I try to do too much and days when I feel like I dominate. I am striving for balance in raising my children and pursuing my design career. My worst fear would be to be spread so thin that I stop excelling at these items I feel so passionately about.

I still have my list of personal, family, and business goals but will not put unrealistic expectations on myself. I will also not limit myself; simply live each day for what it is and try my best.

2015 is already proving to be a year of tests and growth for me. Along with goals to grow Mini Magnolia Designs, my online design business, there is also a strong chance we will be moving to another state. We first found out about a possible move when I was still pregnant. Since then the locations and dates have changed, but the chance of a move is about 90%. To say that I'm nervous about moving away from the support of family and friends to a state up North, where it snows, is an understatement. 

After changing a lot about the current house we live in, the thought of another house to make my own both excites and exhausts me. I had already bought wallpaper and lights for house updates when we got the news, so I am anxiously holding onto them until we need to make our next house a "home". I would appreciate the prayers and will keep you updated on the progress of our move.

Before we leave I am finishing up a collaboration on the design of a small restaurant space. We start demo this week so I cant wait to share what's in the works! Happy 2015!