2017 Trend Predictions

A new year is always an exciting time to freshen things up around your home. I love looking for trends in design, and trying to use them in a way that makes them more classic and less "trend". Design trends typically follow trends from other areas, like the runway. Unlike the runway, these "trends" can last years. Here are my predictions for 2017: Green

Over the past year deep greens, sages, and emeralds have been popping up more and more. Then, Pantone picked Greenery for their 2017 color of the year and that was all I needed to know that green will be a big part of 2017. It can be a subdued sage, a pop of chartreuse, a moody, deep green, or a bold emerald.

I've seen walls, cabinets, and accessories that all incorporate green effortlessly. It’s a pretty easy color to integrate into your home with accessories; especially with the blues that have been popular in recent years. I love chartreuse against navy. Green also looks amazing against the bright whites that were color’s of the year, in 2016. If you’re wanting a change from the blue bathrooms that have been popular, try a subtle shade of green on the walls or an emerald vanity with white walls for a change. In a nursery or kid’s room, it is a fantastic gender neutral color.

Bringing Nature Indoors

Having indoor plants is nothing new, however, with the popularity of succulents that need little water (and some with little light) I’ve seen indoor plants in every room of the house. They are fantastic for softening a space and cleaning the air. There’s also something about plants that lift your mood.

You don’t need to bring an actual plant into a room to bring in nature. Floral prints, butterflies, and landscape art and murals are also ways I'm seeing nature being incorporated. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can always use art and accessories, wallpaper, or window treatments to incorporate nature.

Texture, Texture, Texture

Whether you love neutrals or color, texture adds interest and gives your space a layered look. Faux fur accessories and hide rugs add the layer of cozy during the cold, winter months. Jute and sisal rugs remain pretty neutral while adding interest with a large area of texture. Marble and velvet are textures that can add a bit of glam to the space. Try combining several textures so your space can feel as good as it looks.

When it comes to built-ins, after years of having painted cabinets as the finish of choice, natural wood cabinets are making a huge comeback. If you feel like you just painted your cabinets white, try white cabinets with natural wood island (or table as an island). In a kitchen, the combination of wood and white cabinets will always look classic.

For the walls, shiplap is still a great look and painted brick is gaining popularity, again. In fact, subway tile back-splashes are going a step further by adding texture with pavers and clay tiles. Both are a great way to add texture while maintaining the monochromatic color palate.


After years of DIY popularity, people understand more of what it takes to make something really well and are treasuring their pieces that are truly “art”. There is something to be said of a piece that has been handcrafted, carefully thought about, and made well. There has long been an appreciation of antiques for this reason, but local artists, builders, and crafters are also gaining more and more respect. This “trend” is also a push away from the spec and mass produced, and a need for people to have their home and surroundings tell their unique story. You can see this trend become apparent in hand paintings and murals, custom furniture and built-ins, pottery, hand-made and vintage rugs, and industrial style with more detail and sculptural elements (almost steampunk).


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