24 Weeks...Age of Viability!

       On the way out to Matt's 28th Birthday dinner, we stopped in the front yard to take my weekly belly pic. Apparently this week is a big milestone for pregnancy...the age of viability! Basically, it means that if I were to have the baby now, the hospital considers it viable and believes it can survive with lots of help...I think there is a 50/50 chance...not good enough for me so sit tight baby boy; we promise to be patient if you are. Besides, the nursery is still in progress ;). 

       For the record, this is what I feel like when I have to take these pics now...
Total weight gain/loss: +17
Baby’s Size: Size of a cantaloupe
Maternity clothes? The target be band still rocks my socks…I am still wearing all of my regular shorts thanks to it (not sure how much longer though...those things can only go so wide)
Stretch marks? No
Sleep: pretty good
Best moment this week: Just being able to sit and feel the baby move, and Leigh Ann and Aaron visiting us last weekend to look at houses for their big move…to OUR neighborhood….CRAZY!
Miss Anything?  Eating dinner without reflux...my dinners this week consisted of cereal, pb&j, and ice cream because everything else BURNED!
Movement: Yes and he is getting more and more consistent…he likes to move a lot when I sit down to eat or when there is music on
Food cravings: fruit, but nothing acidic
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Not this week
Have you started to show yet:  Yes
Gender prediction: BOY!
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? It may not be too much longer until it simply gives up
Wedding rings on or off?  On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy most of the time…stressed some of it
Looking forward to:  Getting the nursery done and the baby shower
       Leigh Ann and Aaron visited us this past weekend to look for houses in our neighborhood! Crazy how that happened! It was a long weekend (like house hunting/moving typically is). Leigh Ann is about 6-7 weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy and had a little scare while she was here due to dehydration and exhaustion. It reminded me that we DO need to rest and make sure to stay hydrated in this wicked summer heat; especially since I always try to do just as much as I did before. I also got my baby shower invite which revealed the theme to me…Cheers to Milk! LOVE it!
       We celebrated Matt's birthday on Saturday by going to eat steak at a new restaurant he had been wanting to go to. Afterwards, we went and got a frosty to share while we sat in his truck talking (felt like high school haha). I guess it is the simple things I enjoy doing so much with him...I am one lucky lady. Happy Birthday!
       PRAYER REQUEST: This week had a cloud over it (and another scare for me) as baby Aiden got his wings after weeks of fighting whooping cough. His mom is one of my aunt Jill’s best friends, and he had developed whooping cough at around 3 weeks old and tried hard to fight until he went to Heaven at 7 weeks. Please pray for his family to continue to find strength through God. Their faith is so strong and they have been a constant source of inspiration for me, but this is one of the hardest things anyone could go through in life. I will use his memory to continue to educate myself and those around me about the dangers of whooping cough on an infant. Matt and I are looking into getting the vaccine before our little boy is born, and I urge anyone who is planning on coming in contact with an infant within the next 5 years to do the same. R.I.P. sweet Aiden. https://www.facebook.com/50ForAiden