3 Months

Ummm, this cannot be real...is my baby really 3 months old!?
Just one of the many reasons why Abram turning 3 months old is bitter sweet...he is no longer a newborn. 

So wait, I can't use the excuse of having a newborn for my messy house anymore? Crap.

       I have been taking all of him in lately as the newborn deadline quickly approached. Sometimes I just stare and smell him for like five minutes...yes I said smell...you may think I am strange, but I swear if I could bottle his scent I would wear it!

Health: After our visits with the doctors last month, we finally solved his constipation issues. All seemed good. Then 11 weeks hit and his 4 hour sleep stretches went down to 2-3 again, and he was waking up screaming about an hour after eating to be sat up. His naps were getting better at first, and they too completely stopped. His eating habits decreased from 3-5 oz a feeding, to 2-3. He was also very uneasy...not as much as he was when he was constipated, but I knew something was up. 
The day before he turned 3 months he was diagnosed with acid reflux and put on Prevacid and rice cereal to thicken his formula. {ps they aggravated his previous issue and we will be starting something new this week...poor guy}.
Sleep: Right after Abram turned 2 months our pediatrician recommended we try and get him to sleep 6 hour stretches at night by giving him a pacifier until it was time to feed him. Supposedly after a week he would get it. I tried for 5 hours and it failed. 
So after a week of not sleeping as much I gave in and decided he would sleep longer than 4 hours when he was ready. That is about when he started sleeping 3 hours. Awesome. Luckily, it only lasted a few days {while I continued to apologize for pushing him}and he was back to 4 hours...I'll take it!
 Well mid-month that decreased back to 2-3 and he began waking twice. After he started being treated for reflux he has slept 6-7 hours without waking! Holy moly...please let this be our answer! Oh and he now sleeps in his crib at night with no affect on his sleep. We were happy about this one!

Diet: Enfamil Gentlease with about 2 tsp prune juice. I would say he still averaged about 4 oz this month. We also started adding in some rice cereal, but will not be continuing that. My guilt about not being able to breastfeed still continues to loom with all of the issues. I know there was nothing I could do, but I keep wondering if all of this would have happened if I could be feeding him myself.

newborn outfit vs. 6 month

Baby Gear Love: Boppy, newborn/infant tub, miracle blanket, white noise machine, activity gym, swing, pandora disney and baby einstein stations, bumpo, Dr. Seuss texture book, jumperoo {at the end of the month}.

Crying: Still just when he is hungry, tired, or in pain. His screams when he is in pain break my heart!

Likes: When he is not any of the three mentioned above, he is the HAPPIEST baby! He is always smiling and talking. He LOVES to have conversations, loves music and when I sing, bath time, he tries to watch tv now so we have to be careful, his swing and light up mobile, Bijou, looking around, standing with help, kisses. He just started having interest in toys this past week {some of them} and has lost interest in the fan. 

Dislikes: He started to HATE laying down on our lap, in the carseat, or stroller. Mainly because he wants to see the WORLD! He will sit or try to stand and just look around at EVERYTHING with wide eyes and a look of fascination. He also dislikes eating these days, being cold, quiet, having to use the bathroom, and laying on his tummy.
Milestones: He has been developing so much this month! It has been my favorite so far! He is much more talkative! We have conversations...he laughs and sighs. He has started to mimic me when I stick out my tongue or say, "oooOOOooo". He also noticed Bijou this month so he just stares and smiles at her...BFF! It has been hard to have a young pet and newborn at the same time, but we have stuck through it and worked with Bijou when she has her "moments"...like an older sibling. The relationship I already see developing makes all the work so worth it. They will be great, sometimes annoying, friends I am sure.

       He is also all smiles...it is the easiest thing to get him to do. We also have him laughing. Most of the time it is one solid noise, but this past week he has started to do the real baby laugh a few times.  He still stands a lot and can role from his back to his tummy with a little help, but doesn't like it. He started to notice his hands around 2.5 months, and has begun to control them to grab/swat at stuff like toys and my face. He also sucks on them now. He follows objects and when he hears our voices or the tv he will extend as far as he can to see..not so happy about the tv.

      I set up the activity gym at around 2 months, so we go to his room for tummy time and then I put him in his bumbo for a few minutes. We love listening to Baby Einstein, Rockabye Baby Renditions, Disney Movie Songs, and Jack Johnson on my pandora app while we play. He also hangs out in his crib sometimes and LOVES the planes daddy hung above it. He just laughs and talks to himself while looking at them. At the end of the month, we set up the jumperoo we borrowed from a friend. I put a cushion under it so he could reach and he is really starting to get the hang of bouncing.

       Abram had his first real playdate with Sam one night while daddy was out of town...and mommy and Leigh Ann drank martinis. ;) It was a little overwhelming for him at first, but he got used to it.

       He also had his first wedding rehearsal dinner, aquarium visit, carousel ride, babysitter that wasn't family {so thankful for the women in Junior League}, and reveal party {for one of his future BOY best friends}. So far 3 months is my favorite...we are having so much fun with him!