39 Weeks and Waiting Patiently

       I did early voting just in case this kid decided to arrive early {although I know he won't}. So since I had time today I decided to make my "red, white, and blue" belly pic. This will most likely be my last "official" belly pic! CRAZY! This past two weeks have flown by and I am savoring every moment!
Total weight gain/loss: +32
Stretch marks? Nope..yay!
Sleep: This is the week I stopped sleeping well…now I see why other pregnant women in the 3rd trimester are so crabby
Best moment this week: Dr. appointment and my mom coming in town for the Sugar Plum Market
Miss Anything?  Moving without pain
Movement: I had to go to the hospital and do a non-stress test at 39 weeks and he was moving so much they could barely get his heartbeat
Food cravings: Grapes, hot cocoa, chocolate milk
Anything making you queasy or sick:  nothing
Have you started to show yet:  He dropped…I really thought he did after Sunday’s walking but the doctor confirmed he is in fact lower…SCORE!
Gender prediction: BOY!
Labor Signs: I’m progressing again 
Belly Button in or out?  Flat
Wedding rings on or off?  On and off when I get worried about swelling
Happy or Moody most of the time: Just taking it all in
Looking forward to:  Let’s do this!
       This week was a fun one...we spent Halloween with my best friend {now neighbor} and her family. I tried trick or treating with all the kids just to try and walk this baby down more. I couldn't decide what to be and remembered my sister talking about how she wanted to see a classic ghost done by someone, so baby Tag wore his first costume of his life...a classic ghost! 
       We have been talking induction with our doc because of my family history of getting stuck in progression, going 2 weeks late, and still needing to be induced. He doesn't let anyone go passed 41 weeks. At my 38 week 4 day appointment, the dr. gave me the best news ever...the baby was FINALLY starting to drop which means that I was one step closer to meeting him. However, at my 39 week 3 day appointment I had not made any more progress. STUCK!
       I also had a little scare this week when I lost my peripheral vision for about 30 minutes. I ate and it went away, so Matt and I went to vote and shop. When the dr.'s office got my message from that morning they sent me straight to the hospital for a series of tests. Everything came out perfect and it was considered an A-typical migraine...but we also got the news that we have a stubborn child who would not stop moving. No surprise to us...it is my child after all. Matt and I are already considering sports to keep him active haha.
A friend convinced me to take bare belly photos...I figure I might not be this way next time so I better treasure my  watermelon/no stretch mark belly while I can
       My mom came in town on Friday to go to the Sugar Plum Market our town Junior League hosts. Something about playing Christmas music while you shop just puts you in that spirit. We walked for a few hours...but it didn't help. The induction has been scheduled, and unless something crazy happens, the picture above is the last time I will be able to use November 9th as his due date. Our little boy should be in our arms on November 8th. Bitter sweet for me...{rubbing my belly until then}