4 months

 Ahhhh...who is this chunky monkey!? 

       This picture reminds me of a who in grinch, or an elf baby, or maybe even me as a baby...too bad I don't have a good pic to compare. Soon, I promise.
A giant with a small head... 
       His 4 month appointment was 10 days before he hit 4 months, but he was 14 lbs 11 oz. and 26.5" tall. His head size was in the 15% and his height was the 100%. Do what? He also got a fever for a few days after the appointment, along with a stuffy nose, but at least we got use of his humidifier.

It is official, 4 month old's are the worst models...

"Sorry mom, I am too interested in my feet to look at you!"
"Oh crap, down I go!"
Rockin' and Rollin'...
       At 14 weeks, we began finding him on his tummy {still swaddled} in his crib....screaming most of the time, so we had to start leaving one arm out in order to eventually stop swaddling for his safety.  After a week, he could sleep without a swaddle which was great because by that time he was rolling to his tummy on purpose...we officially have a tummy sleeper people! Ya, he gets it from me...
I'll take my milk straight up with a shot of prune juice please...
       Right before Abram turned 14 weeks, he was put on Enfamil AR {for reflux}, along with his prevacid and prune juice....about a week later his spit up was MUCH LESS! He also went from drinking an average of 3 oz per bottle, to 5 oz in a week! Amazing! By 4 months, he was averaging 6 oz. for 6 feedings a day.
The 4 month old, bad model winning pic...this:
Not sure what to think...he posed like this for several pics and I didn't even realize until I opened them on the computer. Kid's got sass...
Baby Gear Love: Jumperoo, books, bumbo, bob stroller, softy blanket, sophie the giraffe, white noise machine, bouncer
I swear the day I doubted Sophie on Instagram, he started to like her...I guess I shouldn't doubt the "status teether"
 His valentine's books he got from us

Likes:  He LOVES to have conversations and mumble, loves music and when I sing, bath time, the tv, his feet, chewing on his hands, Bijou, looking around, standing with help, rolling, and kisses. His interest in toys is still on and off...if it looks like a good chew toy he will probably take it.

 "Come here pretty lady, I want to give you a smooch!"...they have a "thing" apparently.

 Dislikes: He HATES laying down in the carseat still. He gets so worked up that he is literally drenched in sweat by the end of the car ride.  He hates being hot and laying on his back now. He has realized the amazingness of laying on his belly and burying his face in the sheets...freaks me out!

It's officialy, the newborn phase is not our cup of tea. This is so much better! He tries to grab everything and put it into his mouth. He now enjoys walks outside WITHOUT the infant seat. He just chills and takes it all in. This boy has got quite the personality, and is a known lady's man! He stands more and rolls ALL.THE.TIME! He is no longer swaddles and is being weaned off of pacifiers as we speak {because of laziness, not his need for them}.

      Abram started off his Cajun tradition of crawfish boils, just as an observer for the moment. He also attended the Houston rodeo and had his first sleep over. This little guy is also on the verge of crawling and won the doctor over with his Hercules strength ;). Oh and to my surprise and sick humor, he can also scare very easily {like his momma} whenever I make a strange sound. I'm trying to attach the video, but that might make me look like a bully...all in good fun! This month passed by the fastest of all...times needs to slow down...except for the sleep part.