5 Months!

I would say that time has been flying, but after the first two weeks of this month...it didn't.
At 4.5 months, we were cruising along and then all signs of teething hit and our world came to a grumpy stop. Little did we know that it was combination teething/virus. Luckily, it has seemed to pass and we are back on track with our BIG GOAL of trying to get him to sleep through the night! That goal, however, seems as unbelievable as flying a unicorn to the pot of gold, at the end of the rainbow.

Abram hit the 5 month mark last Monday, and is getting more and more personality.

 Health: Our poor baby had his first visit to the ER, with a 104 degree fever, caused by a stomach virus and teething combined. Two weeks later, he was finally feeling better!

 He tries to grab EVERYTHING!

We're getting there... 
       Abram's naps have started to get longer this month. He also started to go 6 hours without eating, at night. He would still wake up after 4 to be patted, but after teething and a virus he wakes up after 4 hours starving! 

       He is still only on Enfamil AR, prune juice, and prevacid. We are waiting until closer to 6 months to start solids. He now drinks 6-7 oz, every 3 hours...hence the weight gain!

        We love putting him int the jumperoo when we need to get stuff done. I try and read to him often, but he hates it. We still love his bumbo, Bob stroller, Chicco lightway stroller, softy blanket, sophie the giraffe, white noise machine, bouncer, infant tub, activity gym, baby bjorn, and other toys

Baby wearing and painting a mural... 

He LOVES talking, music, standing, bath time, Bijou, looking around, his jumperoo, his feet, putting anything in his mouth, laying on his belly, Sophie, looking at himself in the mirror

Abram hates his carseat, shopping, being hot, laying on his back unless he can look at his planes, wearing his cool sunglasses. 

"Stuck in the carseat while shopping...kill me now..."
Milestones: Longer naps, blowing bubbles, two new teeth {bottom}, jumping a ton in the jumperoo, squealing, and {tear} his eyes are changing from blue to a hazel/gray/greenish color. He also surprised the heck out of me when he grabbed my watermelon out of my hand and sucked on it. He then made a sour face, looked at me, and started to scrape it with his teeth. This boy is almost ready for real food!
 Abram celebrated his first Easter at the same time he got his first teeth.

He traveled to Dallas, met some cousins, is now in the stroller without the infant seat, had his first ER visit, his first pool day, and his first taste of watermelon.