5 Months | Baby 2

I realized the other day that all of J's clothes were getting too small. Then it hit me that I was still trying to fit her into 3 month clothes. Reality check momma, she is FIVE months old!

Weight: She weighs about 16 lbs, 12 oz and is in 9 month footed pj's. I could hardly believe it when I realized her Christmas jammies were 9 month. This is all happening too fast.

Health: Baby girl got RSV this month. We had just done the RSV test the week before and it was negative, so when she was congested and couching I just started battling it with the nose frida, saline spray, and humidifier. A few days later, she began coughing so much that she would stop breathing and I would have to hit her back, making her throw up and start breathing again. After it happened for the third time in a day I rushed her to the pediatrician. RSV. Luckily, they got her on breathing treatments asap that helped so we didn't have to stay at the hospital.

Julip and her twin (aunt)

Sleep: We moved her to her crib this month because she completely outgrew the rock-n-play and would flip to her stomach in it. She sleeps mostly on her stomach and about 10-12 hours at night on most nights. I will forever love her good night time sleep, but the girl is a no nap ninja. The only way she will nap is in my arms (like right now, as I type).

Diet: She eats 8 oz. of Enfamil Gentlease every 3-4 hours. We are also starting to notice she mimics our chewing and we feel so bad eating in front of her. She stares us down like she is savoring every bite. I can't believe we are almost to the point of high chair and food.

Julip is mostly in 3-6 and 6 month clothes now and size 3 diapers. Like I said earlier; 9 month pj's. I have so many un-worn clothes that we just couldn't get her in fast enough. I'm also getting a little worried that at the rate she will be wearing her summer clothes in February.

Baby Gear Love: Crib, sound machine, pacifiers, pacifier clips for our spittin' baby, boppy, bob & double bob jogging stroller, double stroller, activity gym, and aiden and anais blankets, the bouncer, nose frida, bumbo, footed pj's.

Crying: She is such a softy (like momma). She cries if something touches her head, if she is hungry, or tired. She is a really sweet baby!

Likes: Sticking her tongue out, eating, watching my face, talking, watching tv, sucking on her hands, looking at her feet, music, her brother when he isn't stealing her toys, trying to sit up, standing for short periods, kisses on her cheek, and going for jogs.

Poopy diapers, loud noises, laying down when she wants to sit up, her car seat, getting dressed, being tired, and baths with her brother.

Sibling Love: Abram is a very helpful big brother. He is always trying to give her the pacifier and brings me a burp rag when I need it. He is starting to get jealous when I have to feed her in the mornings (his hard time of day). He is also starting to get possessive over toys now that she can play with some. He will take them and say, "mine", and then hide them and move onto another toy. He is having to learn how to share all over again.

Julip talks and smiles to anyone who will interact with her. She loves to eat her hands and play with hanging toys. She will roll from side to side, but will NOT roll over. She just has no desire.

This month Julip celebrated Christmas, looked at lights, and spent the night at Doodle's.