6 months

Take back what I said about 4 month olds being the hardest to photograph...that would now be a title for 6 month olds! Good thing it is harder to catch this kid not smiling, than smiling. Happiest.Baby.Ever!

Health: Our little man got a cold this month, so we fought that fever and fussiness, along with getting in his top two teeth.

Praise the sleep gods...
He is taking 45 minute- 2 hour naps throughout the day! We still do a dream feed at night, but Abram now goes from 11-7 without any help from us on most nights! FINALLY!

       His bottle amounts and frequencies have not changed, but we started solids at around 5.5 months...he was ready! We started out with avocado and he LOVED IT! I make most of my own baby food {except for on the go} and he has now tried avocado, carrots, and pears.

       He still loves his jumperoo, white noise machine, sophie, other toys, and activity mat! We have also been able to take him places in both strollers and love them. We stopped using the boppy pillow this month...bitter sweet. My baby is growing up.

       Abram still LOVES music and tries to watch tv when we are watching it. He loves Bijou, other babies, his feet, putting things in his mouth, laying on his belly, people watching, and bath time.

       He despises his infant seat and will now stiffen up with an arched back when we try to put him in it. He is also getting frustrated when we have to dress him or change him..."just let me go momma!"

Break dancing baby will do anything for the ball
        We have been extremely entertained by him this month. He is a human sprinkler blowing his bubbles and will just jabber all to himself in the car. I prayed the whole time I was pregnant for a baby with character and he certainly has that! He enjoyed another pool day this month and sat in a restaurant highchair for the first time at brunch. He also has started scooting by bending his knees under him and pushing with his arms stretched...yes he scoots on his face.