8 Months!

       These pictures are getting more and more difficult to take since Abram is getting more and more curious about his world. He is ALWAYS on the go these days!

Health: Besides having a cold and cough from hanging around other kids, Abram has been great!

This is what I am dealing with...the drool monster on the move

We finally get sleep!
He still takes 2-3 longish naps a day and sleeps from around 7/8 pm to 7/7:30 am with a dream feeding at 10:30.

       He usually eats solids twice a day (occasionally 3) and has not found something he won't eat. He ALWAYS makes a face when he eats yogurt, strawberries, or plums but will just keep eating them. He has gotten to the point where he will suck/chew on a small piece of fruit or bread and try to swallow it instead of spitting it out; he is not always successful.

       This month he had peas, oatmeal, spinach, peaches, plums, yogurt, strawberries, mangos, apricots, lemon, and bread. His main foods are still prunes, pears, carrots, and sweet potatoes because they are so easy on him.

      His main mode of travel is still army crawling. He can crawl like a normal child, but chooses to drop to his belly and leave a drool trail as he drags his wet shirt across the floor. He is like a very quick slug. He HATES to be contained now and just wants to explore everything he is not supposed to. He started pulling up right around 8 months. The first time was in the bath tub of course which totally freaked me out! He still chews everything and usually has a pacifier while he sleeps, with a back up in one of his hands. 

       Abram loves army crawling, chewing on anything, banging anything, screaming when he is excited, all food, pacifiers, naps, babbling, music, throwing his sippy cup on the floor and watching it fall, water, baths, his mom and dad, and walks in the stroller.

He still hates his infant seat, being changed or dressed, sitting still, being rocked (most of the time), getting his face wiped, getting licked by Bijou, and staying up late.

Celebrating Father's Day

Before His first swim lesson

       This month we started swim lessons so Abram wouldn't be scared of the water. After one lesson he was cured and would kick and splash on his belly in the bath tub. He is now one of the best (and the youngest) kids in his glass. He loves to splash and kick his feet.

       Along with his crawling and pulling up came exploring electric cords, dog toys, shoes, and oh the fire place soot! 

Ashes were just as appetizing as his sweet potato!

       This month we celebrated Father's Day, my birthday, and July 4th. Abram's "best friend" made his debut and he saw fireworks for the first time. The fireworks were so intriguing to him...he would just stare like he couldn't figure them out. He started taking (and liking) big boy baths, drinking water out of a sippy cup, and pulling up.

My B-day dinner

July 4th

July 4th