9 Months!

       Oh hello there! You may or may not have noticed that I took an unplanned blogging hiatus. You see; I went and got myself a J.O.B. doing what I went to school for...FINALLY! It was totally unplanned and unexpected, but everything is going great and I'm starting to get back into the swing of things.

This post is all about the little man...

Health: Abram gets a cough every now and then, but is really good other than that.
We finally get sleep!
He still takes 2-3 longish naps a day and sleeps from around 7/8 pm to 7:30/8 am with a dream feeding at 10:30...that all changed after he hit 9 months and went to daycare.
Exploring his tunnel
       He usually eats solids two to three times a day and has not found something he won't eat. He ALWAYS makes a face when he eats yogurt, strawberries, or plums because of the sourness but will just keep eating them. We have started to give him table foods, and he loves them! When we go to restaurants he is no longer entertained by toys, so we either bring his puffs, yogurt melts, or get tortilla or bread for him to snack on with sips of our water.
40 weeks in | 40 weeks out!

       We pretty much give him anything that isn't too sweet or spicy...and of course no eggs, milk, shell fish, or honey. He LOVES cherrios and gold fish. {who wouldn't}
       Army crawling is built for speed, and crawling on all fours is more just for a leisurely stroll. Right around eight months he started pulling up and now there is no stopping him. He gets up on everything, and we have had to block off our stairs. He even ate the soot from our fireplace...parenting fail!

Going for the soot before we learned our lesson
       Abram loves crawling, standing, chewing on anything, banging anything, screaming dada when he is excited, all food, pacifiers, naps, babbling, music, throwing his sippy cup on the floor and watching it fall, water, baths, his mom and dad, and walks in the stroller, remotes, cords, shoes, and dog toys {you know...anything he is not supposed to have}.

       He got a bigger car seat this month and will tolerate it but still prefers not to be strapped in. He hates when he can't move so he still hates being changed or dressed, sitting still, being rocked (most of the time), getting his face wiped, getting licked by Bijou, and staying up late.

       He finished swim lessons this month and can now go under water when I blow in his face. He also loves to sit on the ledge and fall into the water while I catch him. This has all made him way more adventurous in the bath...he even tries to stand there {not cool}.

Taking a play break...

     Abram said mama first, but quickly followed with dadda and got stuck on it. Now it is virtually impossible to get him to say mama. He also has 7 teeth!
       This month we celebrated Matt's Birthday, me getting a job, we visited his daycare, and went to Louisiana.