Almost 5 months...

Matt and I have been getting more and more motivation to get in shape for our wedding since it is almost 5 months away. We picked photos to inspire us...we will see if we get any results, but I am posting the inspiration photos to make it a little more real.

Matt was lucky to have himself to inspire...himself. He was working out pretty hard and running with his roomate, Lee at LSU about four years ago so we picked a photo from Spring Break to inspire him. It might be hard to tell, but as soon as he saw it he knew what he had to do.  He has been trying hard to go to the gym; packing a small bag to bring to work everyday. Please ignore the large blonde next to him (I cannot believe I was once "That girl" that was with the cute guy and didn't realize it haha)

I haven't been as good as I would like to be in recent years and really couldn't find a pick to inspire me. Since we are going to be at the beach (hopefully) for our honeymoon, I wanted a bathing suit picture to inspire me. The problem with going to celebs for inspiration in the past is that they all are pretty slender, and let's face it, this girl has got curves that are not going away. I tried to think of someone with a similar shape, so I picked Kim Kardashian...I know I know. It seems like everyone is talking about her body these days, but the reason I picked her is because she does not look like she is full of muscle (because mine never shows), and her rear and chest are pretty similar to mine...large. After I started running last spring, my stomach started to slim down and then this diet furthured that. I am hoping that I can continue to eat similar to the way I have been and start running again (signed up for another 10K)...and then will add in some Tae Bo resistance bands. I know myself so gyms will just not work.

Hopefully we can come close to our goals. Even if we don't, this should help to get us healthier and happier over the next couple months. Wish us luck!