Architecture Bootcamp

Built like a boot camp to learn architecture struggles, this design/build studio last 5 days a week from 8-5:30 in the record setting temperatures in the school shop. Everyone started very excited about this process and getting in the shop to work. Now on week 6, the excitement is starting to wear off and the signs of weakness are setting into our body's. When you are not used to physical labor like this your body can take a beating and get weak, letting sickness come easily. Another problem is getting over heated, which happened to me yesterday when I lost my sight in my right eye for 20 minutes (turning my vision into a white spot) and making me very nauseous. Today I made sure to not only drink water, but also gatorade which helped a lot.

On the structural front, our building should be coming back from the city codes office any day now and then should be approved and ready to start building on site. The form work for the concrete went from being many pieces which frightened me, to nearly complete today. The inner cistern form work resembles two boats that we are thinking about sealing the holes and paddling in our pond. I should have pics of it all soon...I hope that it will all go together well. The steel is almost done for now and ready to be sent to the galvanizing plant.

Last weekend we had Matt's college roomate's wedding and we had company come in from Lafayette. Before the wedding we went wake boarding on the you can tell from the sunburn's in the wedding pics. This weekend we have a pub golf birthday party to go to on Friday and then off to Lafayette on Saturday to celebrate Matt's 25th birthday on Sunday. Here are some pics for you!


LSU Roomies

Our model of our structure (it has even changed since then)

Discussing the form work with my prof.

My surprise birthday lunch my studio classmates threw for me

Measure twice, cut once