Awkward Belly Photos

       I typed this post yesterday and saved it for today...then went to post it and it was gone! NOOO! So hopefully I won't skip over something grrr.

       I am trying my hardest to make this pregnancy special which in turn takes away my worries a little. One of the things I have read is to take belly photos every week to show the progression of growth. My first thought was, "Hell No!". I have always been VERY self conscious of my stomach (more than any other body part) and try to disguise it as best as I why on earth would I subject myself weekly photos that highlight my least favorite part?!...that is only going to get bigger?! Well I am told that seeing how skinny you were before is always a good motivational tool later, and there is a baby in there and they might want to see the pics one day. So against my better judgement ;) I have decided to take them. Several weeks in the first trimester I have been too tired, sick, heavy feeling, and lazy to take them but I have now buckled down and told myself to do it no matter what. So you get to see my belly grow every week whether you like it or not yay...please be kind.

10-12 Weeks Stats:
Total weight gain/loss: +2 pounds still I think…
Baby’s Size: By 12 weeks the baby is the size of a favorite!
Best moment: Having dinner with our friends who have a 6 month old and being able to talk about everything with someone who just went through it
Miss Anything?  The beach with a cold drink in my hand…BAD!
Food cravings: Wasn't too hungry for awhile bc I couldn't taste anything (sinus virus)…loving water, apples, anything fresh …Matt picked up de-caffinated tea and coffee for me this week and I have enjoyed each of them a lot…the coffee tasted AMAZING. I also love salty snacks (potatoes) and started liking meat again at around 12 weeks.
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Romaine lettuce, eggs, fish, nuts
Have you started to show yet:  I am thicker, just looking fat not pregnant though. At 11 weeks my stomach got HUGE and hard…I have heard two causes: the shifting of organs up and being bloated…I am thinking bloated bc I couldn’t even suck in for my picture (so excuse the hugeness)...Matt asked me if I was pushing out.
Gender prediction: Did the wedding ring over the pregnant belly test and three times in a row it circled (didn’t go side to side), so apparently that means boy
Belly Button in or out?  In
Wedding rings on or off?  On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy to be doing stuff again
Looking forward to:  The ultrasound at 13 weeks…and a beach trip

       SACRIFICE! Just after coming home from Lafayette(9 weeks) my sinuses attacked and after I few days of it progressively getting worse and getting a 100 degree fever I went to the doctor. It was actually a virus for which I to ride out since antibiotics are not good for the baby…a weekend of 100 degree fever, congested head, clogged ears (hurt), stopped up nose, swollen glands, aches, chills, horrible cough that makes me sound like an 80 year old chain smoker…yes I sacrificed for the first time. Started feeling better by Monday...luckily. Strangely getting this sick made me more excited about it all. I think the fact that I couldn't take anything made it real to me.
       At 11 weeks I thought my morning sickness was almost gone and then it reared its ugly head a couple days later and stayed around…all day queasiness. I actually puked for the first time…the romaine lettuce I forced down bc I have not wanted ANY green veggies came back up just minutes after eating. Oh well I tried!
(Left):7 weeks 2 days (a blueberry) and just after a nap that made me feel like I got punched in the face...not quite a before pic but close enough.   (Middle):11 weeks 2 days (a lime)...all of a sudden I got this huge, hard stomach...I just think my body is adjusting (not showing).   (Right):12 weeks 2 days (a plum) stomach actually looked and felt smaller than the week before (thank goodness)...I want to look pregnant, but not like I have eaten too many Cheetos. 

Each week I read Matt the weekly updates on what is developing…last night I said our baby is getting nails this week…he replied, “hopefully mine”. Thanks babe!