Back to See Our Tigers Play

First of All...It's Fall ya'll!

My favorite season of the year. The summers down here are fantastic when on the water, but every other time of the day they are miserably scorching. This is something I thank God for sometimes because it makes me appreciate when the weather cools off and you can open your windows and enjoy the Fall air (Today)!

Another reason I love Fall is Football Season!...I might eat my words come Thanksgiving when Football has been on at my house EVERY weekend, ALL weekend for 3 months...but for now, I love it!

Last Friday, we headed east...
We could barely stand being in Houston while the Tigers played at home the weekend before, so this weekend we decided we were going. We spent ALL Saturday at a tailgate for some oil companies that Kristen and my dad know. It was not quite the same as when we get together with our friends, but was still fun non-the-less. On the way to the tailgate I HAD to get my chicken shwarma salad from my favorite greek food place near LSU...later I ate the jambalaya that they made haha. The day of tailgating consisted of beer pong, LOTS of food, music and a little know, the usual.

We were late getting to the game so I missed my favorite part...the band playing the fight song. Just thinking about it gives me the chills. The game was ok...not as much fun to watch as usual considering we have no offense, but we survived. Until next time LSU!