Backyard Progress | Outdoor Inspiration

I haven't shown many pics of our backyard because when we moved in it was horrid. Seriously. It was a slab of concrete, an ugly palm, and hot hot sun {no shade}. We never went out there.

A couple of years ago we made a flower bed by our master window with azaleas and a magnolia tree. Then, last fall we tackled the back corner flower bed. We added four trees that are still maturing, but will hopefully provide some shade. We cut down the palms and most of the holly bushes, and raised and completely replanted all new plants. Most have started to come back this spring and I am so anxious for them to fill in and give us some color!
On the agenda for this spring:
  • Build the hard top gazebo we bought 
  • Extend our porch with some pavers to give us a place for the gazebo and soon-to-be furniture
  • Finish the rock border around the beds
  • Get a sandbox
  • Oh and yes, the house needs to be repainted, but that is on another to-do list. 

I am desparately trying to make our backyard a place we can enjoy as a family. If you follow me on pinterest you may have noticed that I have been pinning some outdoor inspiration like a mad woman. Here are some ways to liven up your backyard this summer:

Create some imaginative areas for kid's activities. I LOVE this playhouse...I actually love their whole house.
Spaces for gathering in the shade allow you to stay out without feeling too uncomfortable. I have always been obsessed with the back porch at the Hunted Interior. LOVE the live edge table and pops of color!
Find and group plants that give you some color at different times of the year; colorful leaves, flowers, berries, etc. I tried to do groupings in our backyard...verdict is still out on how well I did.
Shade and lighting...enough said. 
Oh and I have got to get my hands on a swinging chair or hammock. My grandmother offered me her 2 vintage swinging chairs and I cannot pick them up fast enough!