"I Do"...not us yet

The last two weekends have been a nice break from school while we celebrated Matt's cousin gett married...August 7, 2009

The weekend before last we went to Marksville, Louisiana to celebrate the bride's Bachelorette Party at Paragon Casino. We had a great time by the pool and out Saturday night.

Last weekend our group of friends got together to get those two hitched. Matt is Beau's cousin and was the best man. I have grown close to his fiance over the years and was one of her bridesmaids. This was the first wedding for our group of friends that has become close in college. Thursday night was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner at Matt's family property in Lafayette. the That night the girls stayed in a nice hotel condo and stayed up until 3:30...yes 3:30! Danielle is such an easy-going bride, I do not know if I could go that late the night before my wedding haha. Saturday we started out by getting our hair and makeup done...I would go to these girls if I was getting married in Lafayette...they are so good. We ate...but not too much...and finished getting ready to head to the church in our party bus.

The ceremony was a Catholic Mass that lasted an hour and I walked with Matt's brother. Never thought I would walk with him down the aisle before I walked with Matt ;). After the ceremony, we all took the party bus to the reception where we danced until they closed and then went downtown to continue dancing. Congrats to the happy couple...your wedding was so much fun! Have fun on your honeymoon! These pics aren't the best, when I get some more I will post them.

In other news, we poured my 800 pound baby (the cistern) today and it went well.

Matt and Nikki Wedding update:
got the date, the place, rehearsal dinner venue, caterer, dj, photographer, and I am almost done
trying to finalize a guest list and decide on which officiant we want and the type of ceremony
I am almost done deciding on the bridesmaid dresses and I have now begun trying on wedding dresses and have 2 or 3 that I really like.
Trying to get as much done before school starts as possible.

The girls for the bachelorette party

Me, Danielle, and Ashtyn at the rehearsal dinner

the three of us dancing crazy

Matt and I in the party bus