The Big Chicken...adding some humor to your day

So, I think it is time you all know how much I am obsessed with weird(quirky) stuff...I just call it, "appreciating humor in objects". This has been a known fact to the people who are closest to me, and became a little more obvious when I bought a bike necklace from Forever 21 because it was a good conversation piece...which then led into a strangely, cool guy and I going into a duet of Queen's "Bicycle", at Festival International.

 I ALWAYS tell Matt that when I get a J-O-B I am buying a Gnome to put in our garden...take that HOA! Everytime we go to Garden Ridge, we must always stop in the "gnome section" so I can pick my favorite (hint for the next gift you need to get me). I don't like the creepy skinny ones, I like chubby.

Anyway, HEB has had these odd metal roosters/chickens lately and every time we pass it Matt looks at me, as if to silently imply that I am not getting one of those. Well if it was a pig, there would be no stopping me ;).

When looking for Gable every day, I get a bit down so I now follow it up with a short gazing session on new FAVORITE inspiration website, even though they won't send me an invite. When I saw a picture of a HUGE chicken staring at a door, I had to know more.

It is from a blog...

I suggest you go there and read this blog...especially if you are having a bad day! She seems HILARIOUS! I would love to find a friend like that here haha. I have only read that one blog article so far, but I have a feeling I will be visiting it frequently if humor like this is there. She does use some "language", but I am a big girl so I think I can handle it! ;)