Chicaaago...Now I'm Hungry

       When Matt was told he needed to go to Chicago for work training, we were excited, but we had no idea how cool (and clean) the city is. Their food was delicious which says a lot coming from Louisianians. If it wasn't for the cold winters and lack of oil businesses we would consider moving there for sure!
       After a LOOONGG delay on the plane (went from a 2.5 hour flight to a 7), we arrived late Sunday night and found dinner at Mother Hubbard's, on Hubbard street...which was a street with a lot of action. 
       Monday was rainy so after Matt got off we walked around to some stores...I pre-gamed at H&M to get ready for the next day...and we ate Chicago style pizza at Lou Malnati's...AMAZING! They have a gluten-free pizza and (in the words of Erika)'ll never guess what the crust is made of!?...Italian's absurd! :)

       Tuesday, I hit the streets/stores while Matt was working. Two stores were enough for me to do all the damage I could do (Marshall's and H&M). I stocked up on dresses to wear when my belly gets nice and round. That evening we did an architectural boat tour through the Chicago River and walked around the Navy Pier. We capped off the night fulfilling another one of Matt's Weber grill (they actually cook on the round Weber grills)...delish!

 The bartender on the boat found at we were from Louisiana and brought Matt a bloody mary on the house

The Sears Tower in the background 
 Navy Pier with The Chicago skyline behind us

The large Weber grills in the kitchen

       Wednesday, we saw the sun set at the Sears tower (now called the Willis). 103 stories up there are all-glass lookouts that jut out of the building. Matt cautiously walked out to get some pictures...I am TERRIFIED of heights, so the only way there was gonna be a picture of my feet on the glass was for Matt to walk me out backwards while I looked straight INTO the building. I accidentally looked down at the end and jumped off QUICKLY...makes me sweat just thinking about it.

       Thursday, we were so tired and cold (and I was having a preggo diva attitude :(  ) so we just walked around Chicago and went to Millenium Park to see the Bean, the festival area, and fountain...apparently we missed out on the good fountain. We capped off the night at Rockit which we were told has the best burger in the city...Matt agreed...I had a salad (stupid glutens).

       Friday, we headed over to Wrigley field on the subway. Neither of us our huge baseball fans, but we figured the history of that stadium made it worth seeing. We went on a tour through the field, locker rooms, press box, etc.

       Friday night we headed to the suburbs to stay with Erika and Wayne for the weekend. I must have been too busy talking to take any pics because I have zero with them and the kids. In summary; I got my virgin mojito, we watched horse races at the racetrack (our first time was cool), we shopped, and hung out with one of the coolest couples and couple of kids around. Sunday, right before we left left managed to meet my Aunt and Uncle for lunch (they had just flown into Chicago).