Unless I have found a fantastic smoothie recipe or something gluten-free, you will probably never see me post about cooking. I would rather paint an entire room than try and figure out what to do for dinner. My creativity definitely did not transfer to the kitchen. I try my hardest and have fun with it when I am in the mood, but Matt is typically the cook in our family. His family grew up cooking together and would center many of their activities around food. He has such great memories of cooking (unlike me), and I have noticed that the intimidation I experience when stepping behind the "cooktop" is just not there with him. Maybe that is the main contributor to my mental block; intimidation. If I fail, what will we eat that night!


Some of the easiest recipes I have learned are basic Cajun recipes. They don't take much technique, are delicious, and require basic ingredients that we almost always have on hand to throw in. Maybe they are my favorite because I learned them from my husband while dancing around my kitchen; my favorite thing to do in the kitchen. about-5

Luckily, my mother-in-law is one of the best cooks I know. She is just a phone call away if I get panicked, and when she comes over I am either off the hook or follow her around taking notes (Cajuns rarely measure). Finally, after a lot of persuasion from everyone around her she started a website to share her knowledge and recipes. She is all about taking the intimidation out of cooking, and is starting a series of classes to teach people of our generation the basics of cooking for their family. I know as a mom I wish I could quickly throw something healthy together for my kids.  Plus, this site is going to be a go-to for Cajun recipes. Now, I can look like an expert while reading the stories from my husband's family! ;)

Go to and check it out!


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