Cruisin' to Cozumel

After a rough month-and-a-half, Matt and I were more than happy to take a short cruise to Cozumel given to us as an early Christmas gift by my Hubbard grandparents.

We left Thursday at around noon (after staying up all night to build my model) and boarded the ship at 4 pm. This was Matt's first cruise so I quickly introduced to the large buffet and then we found our room. That night we relaxed and caught up on our sleep.

Friday we got a late start, but were able to work out and pool-it for half of the day. Dolled up for formal night, we headed to the dining room with our unsocial table-mates. Afterwards we played some blackjack (I won), saw a comedy show, and hit up the dance club on the ship where I lead the cupid shuffle (yes Ashtyn I actually lead a line dance) and we danced 'til we dropped since we knew Matt would not be able to for a while.

enjoying a colada with the sun in my eyes
Matt by his slide

the Cupid Shuffle

Viva la Mexico...Saturday was the day we spent in Cozumel. We started off with an excursion on a catamaran that took us to a snorkeling spot and then a beach for an hour. The fish were beautiful and the water was an AMAZING blue that was so clear. After that we went with my parent's approach to traveling, we grabbed a cab and hit up a nearby beach that was connected to a Carlos and Charlies (with hopes of catching the LSU game on one of their t.v.s). We ate refreshing guacamole, cheesy nachos, and drank fruity drinks while watching the tide roll in. We also enjoyed some time in the perfect October ocean...paradise. Unfortunately, the game wasn't on...but by the time we got back to the boat we were able to catch the second half and watch LSU lose.

This looks fake...

Matt checking if they had the game
the rain showers over the water...they never came to us!

We accidentally slept most of Saturday evening (missing dinner), but I was tired and on vacation so it was worth it.

Refreshed and reinvigorated, we woke early Sunday to get as much sun on that last day as we could. We pooled it, rode the slides, and drank tons of fruity drinks (or at least I did). We met Tulsa people and right when leaving met four people from Austin who graciously waited for the sunset to turn orange to take our picture as per Matt's request. That night we didn't feel like going to dinner with the non-talkers who appeared to be everything we never want to be, so the Austinites invited us to their table. Of course, not one of the four is originally from Austin (like most people there), but they were very cool and around our age. They also helped me convince Matt to move there in a couple years ( I LOVE that place). After dinner we all went to another comedy show and then gambled for a few hours. I really do think if you are gambling to have fun and not to win money, that is when you get lucky...maybe it is the positive vibes of the good company. So finally we made friends on the last night (we forgot to take any pics with them)
, but we did get their e-mail. We received an e-mail from them today with the picture we took of them, their number, and an invite to Austin! Love making new friends!

This is what every Sunday should be like...

To end this blog, here is a series of our towel animal/doll pics: