Daily Life Pics and Headboard for Grabs...on the side of the road

We have been in full baby prep mode over here. Yes, I know I am only 24 weeks but my nesting phase is much stronger this time around. I suspect it's because I am working and really can't get much done during the week. I have also had a lot harder time getting nursery inspiration for this little chick. Last time I had a lot of stuff that I pulled from other areas of the house, but with this one I am pretty much starting from scratch. My anxiety level got so bad that Matt met me at a fabric store last night to look for inspiration {hence the day-late post}.
Part of bringing another human into the world comes the task of clearing out a room for them. Luckily our house is big enough. When we moved in we had enough bedrooms for the amount of kids we want, not because we are great planners like that, but because a two-story house was cheaper than the smaller, one story houses we were looking at...have I told you we are slightly frugal?  I have tried not to fill the rooms too much, but I have filled the closets with storage stuff and the rooms became a collection of the projects and crafts I did in college. Saying goodbye to those things has made me a little bummed. I know they are things, but some are models and boards I spent countless sleepless nights on...and one thing I am really dragging my heels with is my upholstered headboard. 

When I first moved on my own, in college, I decided I wanted a chartreuse headboard to go with my dark purple/brown walls. I still love that room and headboard to this day. I figured out how to make it before the days of pinterest. I used the wrong type of thread to pull the buttons tight, I didn't have a staple gun to upholster so I bent finishing nails to hold down the fabric, and I didn't cut the mdf to make it lighter; I just used the whole monstrous piece. It was totally a "work with what ya got" moment and after 2 moves {both with sets of stairs}, and Matt and his brother breaking their back carrying the mdf and getting stabbed by the nails and cussing me out, I must say good bye to my rigged headboard. Matt is jumping for joy, but I might just spend one more night sleeping against the soft padding. Just a representation of my life and emotional state at the moment...I used to be a project badass, today I'm just a round, blubbering fool.  ;)
I would say come pick it up if you want it, but your husband might hunt me down.
Good thing I have my little man to distract me. Daily Life: A pic a day- Week 2