D.I.Y. No-Sew Adjustable Crib Skirt

        Part of getting to do everything I wanted in my little guy's nursery meant saving as much as I could on the "un-necessaries". This meant that for the bedding I decided to piece together a sheet, skirt, pillows, and blanket from different places instead of buying a set. Before I even knew I was having a boy I found a pretty modern looking plaid fabric at Hobby Lobby...I just knew I would use it in his room! I ended up deciding to make a crib skirt out of the fabric {which I got 30-40% off at Hobby Lobby} since they tend to be expensive. I actually based the whole room off of this fabric and the dog paintings. 

       I looked for a good crib skirt tutorial that didn't use lots of extra fabric or steps and found this one...one reason I really liked it is because the skirt is adjustable. So basically as the mattress moves down, the skirt moves up. I did make a change to make this skirt "no-sew" so I will have my full tutorial, but feel free to look to hers for more guidance if you get confused, and she is pretty funny.

- your crib as a guide
- tape measure
- way of marking fabric measurements {pins, chalk, anything really...make it work!}
- about 2 yards of 54" fabric {or whatever you can make into 3 rectangular pieces for your 
  crib...this is more like a starting point}
- Heat n Bond hem tape
- Iron
- Stick on velcro/clips {or whatever you want to use to attach to crib}

Step 1:
       Measure the mattress frame of your crib! You will need the measurements for the {1} length of the front, {2} length of the two sides, and {3} the height from the frame to the floor, at the highest mattress setting. 

  • My Jenny Lind Davinci crib measured about 26.5" on the sides, about 50.5" on the front, and 17" for the height but you should measure yours because they are all different. 

Please excuse the horrible cords everywhere...we were having office relocating issues :)

Step 2:
       Purchase fabric. It took me about 2 yards of 54″ home decor fabric for this project. If your fabric isn't wide enough for the longest side, you’ll need to piece it together. 

  • Make sure you factor in seam allowances into your final measurements. I added about 1" on each side because my hem tape was 3/4". I also added 2" to the height measurement {3} so that it could wrap around the frame. {so my final measurements were: 52.5"x21" and 28.5"x21"}
  • Also, before buying 2 yards and cutting, if you have a horizontal repeat {I did} make sure the repeat will match on all 3 sides. Depending on the repeat, you may need a little more fabric...vertical repeats don't really matter.
       You need to cut 3 panels: one large piece for the front and 2 smaller pieces for the sides.
  • Because I had a square, plaid pattern I was able to use the lines to cut along. If you don't, you will need to use some sort of straight edge to make sure everything is square and cut straight. Sorry I can't give better advice...I am not a sewing novice {hence the no-sew in this tutorial}.

Step 3:
       Measure 1" in on the sides and iron fold to create the crease for your hem tape. {There are instructions you can follow on the back of the hem tape}. I then placed my tape in the crease {folding in the unfinished edge if I felt like it} and ironed it all together. Easy as pie.

Step 4:
       Attach each piece to the crib mattress frame. Some cribs have a board on top of the frame and could attach with thumb tacks like the linked tutorial above. Mine is just a metal spring cage... I originally intended on using sticky velcro and just cutting new pieces as I moved the skirt, but I couldn't find the velcro I had lying around and was to lazy to buy it. I made sure each piece skimmed the floor and clipped it to the frame with the big clips you use to hold together large stacks of paper.

   Then just simply move the clips/tacks/velcro as you move the mattress frame. All done and at a MUCH cheaper price than the store bought crib skirt!