Easter Ideas for Toddlers

I'm not sure if I said it yet, but happy Spring! We are watermelon addicts over here so we kicked off our spring with my husband picking the most perfectly sweet watermelon you have ever tasted...amazing!

Anyway, I got my Parents magazine in the mail and saw all of the Easter crafts; like putting purple food coloring in the kid's milk {genius}...I cannot wait to do that next year! It inspired me to start searching for my Easter basket gifts.

I am so excited for Easter this year! This will be the first Easter in a couple years that we get to stay home, and my parents now live near us which means I get some of my mom's Easter Strawberry Crepes {recipe coming soon}.

I always have trouble picking {narrowing down} gifts and try to buy Abram gifts that I know he will use instead of little trinkets. This year I am focusing on creative toys and things he will need for the summer...what a fun summer it will be! I also have gotten a few things for baby girl that I may include in her "basket" so I don't feel guilty. ;)

Here are some ideas by category, but they can be easily combined into the perfect basket for you!


Snuggle Bunny
We don't let Abram watch much tv yet, but sometimes he has these after school meltdowns {diva moments as we like to call them} where some grapes and cheese and an episode of Veggie Tales is all that will calm him. I also love the idea of getting him a book for each holiday and I remember reading the Berenstain Bears Easter book when I was young; it was my favorite.

Fox Sleeping Bag // Boy Stuffed Animal // Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story Book // Throw Pillow // Veggie Tales: Easter Collection // Woodland Nightlight // Girl Stuffed Animal // Cloud Pillow // Pinkalicious: Eggstraordinary Easter // Toddler Pink Flamingo Slippers

Water Tot
My parents are getting a pool and I cannot be more excited, so I have already bought Abram two swimsuits, and a few cover ups for my enlarging bod ;). I also got him some beach toys for his basket so he can play in the sand when we go on our trip, in May.

Boy Beach Towel // Ship Print trunks // Beach Toys // Sprinkler // Rugby Stripe Cover-Up // Kiddie Pool // Ruffled Swimsuit // Girl Beach Towel


Outdoor Play

We are obsessed with being outside and active these days. Anything and everything he can get his hands into, he will.

Boy Ball // Bubble Machine // Golf Clubs // Adirondack Chair // Tree Swing // Girl Ball

Little Creative

I love the idea of inspiring imaginative play; whether it is dressing up, playing music, dancing, or drawing. There is no greater thing than seeing my little guy's wheels turning as he decides what to do next with no clear rules. 
Style Maven
We have these sunglasses from last summer and I LOVE them, but he will not keep them on so baseball caps and hats will be a staple for us this summer. I also ordered this big plaid bow from Crew & Lu and already have it in little misses top drawer. It just seems so Southern...I cannot wait to see her in it!