Easter Recap & Week 1 of "A Pic A Day"

       Easter weekend was a blast! My brother came in from college and I haven't gotten to spend Easter with my family in two years, so it was great to spend the whole weekend with them. Saturday my dad ordered 60 lbs. of crawfish and we hung out together while we boiled them all afternoon. It was nice to relax with amazing weather while Abram played in his bounce house. In the evening we had an Easter egg hunt for the kids. It was my first one to put together as a mommy so I had a lot of fun watching them run around with excitement in their faces. Abram was thrilled to find them, then either shouted "ball" and chunked it or shook it and pried it open to spill  the candy.

 About to hunt eggs

Hanging with the sibs 

       Sunday we went to church, then went home to see what the Easter bunny brought. After he went through his Easter loot we colored with the crayons he got and laid down for a nap. My mom made her traditional ham and green bean casserole and strawberry crepes. I have NEVER had a better crepe...probably just as much nostalgia as deliciousness, but strawberries at this time of year hit the spot!

       My parents babysat while Matt and I worked on cleaning our black hole of a garage for a few hours, then we topped off the weekend with homemade crawfish pasta made from left over crawfish from the boil. I just needed someone to roll me to bed to make the weekend completely successful ;).

    On another note; I was sick of seeing all of the blurry/grainy pictures my expensive camera was taking because of the low light in our house, so I bought a 35mm lens to see if it would make a difference {it has so far}...now I am challenging myself to take a pic a day for 50 days. I'm loving trying to capture the smaller moments in life. Here is week 1:

One of my favorite pictures of him EVER! This is one of his toddler personalies captured perfectly...

xo, Nikki