"Elk City's Got it All!"

The snow started falling at our house this morning (pictures to follow soon) and reminded me that I had better get a Thanksgiving blog out before Christmas haha. I have been very busy with homework this week so this was my first chance.

Matt and I were looking forward to this (our favorite) holiday for months. He, of course, was looking forward to hunting and I was looking forward to seeing my family that I only get to see at this time of year. In order to get to his first hunt in time, we happily said goodbye for the long weekend, and headed out at 6 am. Upon arriving in Norman, Matt threw his stuff in my dad's truck and took off to Elk with high hopes of killing something. I took it easy that day with my mom and sister. Well much to his delight, all of the months of praying paid off; Matt got an 8 point buck that night.

The next morning my mom, brother, and I drove to my dad's parents. We met everyone when walking through the kitchen as we do every year. Something was a bit different this year, I suddenly was very aware of how short I am as all of the "little" cousins are now taller than me and dress with more style than I do. (when did this happen?!) The meal was delicious as always and was eaten on the classic reversible turkey/santa place mats. I ate some of Matt's pumpkin pie and some cranberry dressing stuff that my grandmother makes every year...no nuts in it for me please!  ;) Matt and I are still in an arguement as to what the name of that stuff really is.

I then preceded to entertain and be entertained by the oh so talkative and very creative Casey, who only remembers me when I see him because he wants my dog Gable haha. I will take whatever I can get though...He tells me that he is my "ring beer" in my wedding and I say "sure, you can hold the beer!" After taking some pictures of him, I decided to show him how the camera works which he took to quite quickly. We had a photoshoot for about an hour and I had about 150 photos of carpet, feet, fingers, and tv's to erase...it was so worth it!

After laying on the couch, it was time to go meet my cousins who were being personally flown in. ;) It was already late the night so we all ate at Mimi's and went to bed. The next morning we went for a run. The run was cold and dry (I am a wimp in the cold)...but my mom, Jill, and I muscled through it and managed to run the neighborhood twice. Thank goodness I ran because the rest of the day consisted of heavy eating haha. Mimi and my aunt managed to prepare an amazing meal in record time that was also served on time which is a record as well. I followed that meal with some delicious dessert. Matt and the guys had been hunting all morning and after the meal took off again in search of the perfect kill. I was able to go through all of the wonderful invitations that Susie had to offer and narrow it down to a few...just a few haha.

The "four cousins" meaning Erin, Mark, Kristen, and me played a few games like old times and then the adults joined in for round of pictionary. When the guys got back, they saw how much fun we were having and wanted in on another round. We had a loud game going until late that night that was so much fun and showed many of my family members competitive side to say the least. I have never heard so many "You cheated!" screamed by adults haha.

The next morning Erin and Mark went to their other sides thanksgiving and took sweet Eli and Addi with them. Addi is the best baby ever...she went to me right when walking in the house which I have never had happen before! Troy took Poppy, Steve, and Matt on a ride in his plane to get breakfast in Oklahoma City during which Poppy and Matt got to fly it. When we went to pick them up, he decided to take Mimi, Kyla, Brooke, and I on a ride so that Kyla could fly it. She did amazing at flying and it wasn't until Troy did his 1.5G turn that we got sick haha...I could never be a pilot. On the way back I told Matt that he got to do two of his favorite things this weekend...Mimi then replied "Elk City's got it all!"

It was a fantastic Thanksgiving, although it felt too short. I didn't get as many pictures as I would like so if any of you have some feel free to send them my way. See you soon!