Excitement and Nerves

Tomorrow school starts (que scary movie death music)...I am very nervous because supposedly it will be the hardest semester yet. I keep trying to think positive because thinking negative sure didn't help me any last semester. Sooo...I am going to have a fun and awesome semester! (said with a cheesy smile)

This past week was full of excitement. The most exciting thing was that my wedding dress came in on Saturday! As I opened the box, I saw the word dress on the label, and began tearing at the tape with all of my might. I was so excited when I saw it...it is sooo pretty. My ebay dress purchase was a success in terms of quality! When I tried it on, it was a bitter sweet moment. Originally when trying the designer dress on in the store, it was so small that it wouldn't go over my rear. I ordered the correct size to fit my larger bottom half, but apparently I have lost a lot of weight since I got measured in November. The dress is big EVERYWHERE...I knew this wouldn't be easy. Hopefully after my "lady" alters it, it will fit perfectly (I she can even alter it that much). My garter also came in so my wedding day outfit is close to complete.

Matt and I also met with our cake person who helped us design it and talked to the people about our Persian Rehearsal Dinner which should be a lot of fun. Matt's parents came here last night and his mom gave me my christmas gift from the family. It was a yellow scarf that had my "new" initials on it in green and orange. It looked so weird to see those initials and think they were about to be mine.

I also had my endoscopy Monday, where I was told that my ulcer is GONE! That was a good feeling, unforutnately I still have several mini-ulcer sores so the doctor is not sure why. I also noticed that my perpetual headaches I have had several times a week for years seemed to go away when I was on my diet. I will be continuing my "lifestyle" diet, as well as, getting three different food allergy tests done to make sure that is not what is causing all of my problems.

As I am finishing up this blog, another exciting delivery was just made! I have just been loving the post woman this week! We just received our first wedding registry gift from Matt's uncle, Reza, in California. Stacked at my front door are 3 large Macy's boxes with his name on them, but I am waiting on Matt to get home to open them. I feel like a child at Christmas, so like a child, I looked at our registry and found out that it is most likely our dishes...it will be hard not to use them until we are married! Be sure to keep checking our website for updates: www.mattandnikki.projectwedding.com and sign our guestbook!