The Excitement is Overwhelming Me!

I am getting so excited about seeing everyone for Thanksgiving this year! I just had to blog about it to procrastinate and see if anyone else shares my excitement. I absolutely love Thanksgiving, it is my favorite holiday of the year and that is not only because I like to eat a lot of delicious food. I love seeing my family and getting to spend a couple days with them with little to no distractions from the outside world.

This year Matt and I are very excited about going to Elk City. He cannot stop talking about hunting and this will be the first time we see everyone since getting engaged. His parent's will also be joining us this year (85% chance). I extended an invitation and pending the results of his grandmother in Iran's hospitalization, they will be joining us. (If his dad can get back from Iran in time). His mom told him today that she is looking forward to seeing where I come from and my life in Oklahoma since my family knows their lives and backgrounds in Louisiana so well.

It is funny to think how much has changed in the last two years. Looking back at these pictures, I am realizing that I need to take more pictures of the adults doing more than just eating this year haha. Let us make this year a good one because who knows what will happen for next year's Thanksgiving with one more of us married and managing another family ;). Love ya'll!