Facebook Official!

       Yesterday we went facebook official with our news, and as you may know...it's not official until it's facebook official! ;) It was a little sooner than I had planned, but the next few weeks are going to be busy and Chicago provided me with a rainy, cold day to edit my photos so there ya go. Oh by the way...greetings from Chicago and the second trimester! Both rock so far!
       I'm sure most of you have seen our facebook announcement photo...

We chose this one because you can read the sign I made clearly (with some photoshop help)
       We took these pics an hour before we left for the airport to Chicago...it was a nice day and we were both ready so we went out to our neighborhood golf course and snapped a few. All of these photos are our camera, tripod, a self timer, and Matt running to pose...I was hoping they wouldn't look too home-made. We originally wanted to take these pics with the photographer I worked for, Robyn Arouty. We wanted to do something similar to this, but with Bijou...and Robyn is an AMAZING photographer...check out her website here: http://www.robynarouty.com/. Anyways, I was trying to get a short session with her, but we are crazy busy for the month of May so we decided to save our $$ for this shoot and use it for an awesome family photo when the baby is here...with Bijou too of course! Those are the photos I want in my house! :)

       We had a little fun during the shoot, and our "surprise" photo came in second place for facebook.
There are a few of just me...
But I like the ones with both of us much better. The one that cracks us up the most...our "Oh Crap!" photo. I started to laugh at the end so I just look "special" in the pic, and Matt said he just looks pissed haha...but it makes us laugh every time we see it. 
"What are we getting ourselves into?..."
       Well my decaf, hazelnut coffee is done and so is this blog post...hope you liked our pics! Now I am off to explore beautiful Chicago (which is now rain free)...first stop, H&M!