Father's Day Weekend & Nursery Update

 When I met Matt in high school I knew he was a good person, but had no idea whether or not he would be a good dad. Then I saw him with our dogs. He is the doggy daddy that randomly brings home treats and toys because he sees something they "need", and yes they have always had a stocking for Christmas. Matt is as soft-hearted as they come. He hates that Bijou {our 65 lb hound} sleeps with us, but doesn't have the heart to kick her out of the bed. It sometimes gets to me that I am more of the disciplinarian, but having a loving husband who truly cares about everyone around him makes me feel so lucky! He has been the same way with Abram as he is with our dogs, and I know he will show "Pixie" how much a dad can love a daughter.

He "never" {his words, not mine} gets to go fishing anymore now that we live in Texas, so I let him spend Friday fishing with his brother and dad while I worked...easiest gift ever ;). Truth...Abram had bought him a fish fryer and cajun cookbook for Father's Day and wanted him to be able to use it. Me wanting homemade fried fish had nothing to do with it...maybe.

Saturday we dove straight into the rest of the celebrations with a 1st birthday party for one of Abram's future best friends. It was at a beautiful little park and all the kids LOVED running around playing. I loved the ice cream...

He found my necklace and when I grabbed my camera he stood there and said, "cheese"...I was stunned and he officially now has my entire heart!

Afterwards we made our way to Ikea. Abram passed out at the store while Matt and I searched and searched for some shelves/storage for the nursery. I swear this has been the HARDEST room I have ever put together. It felt good to stock up on items I may or may not need...just to feel like I accomplished something felt great! Abram rode his sister's shelves out of the store. Today I decided I didn't like them anymore, then decided I did...see what I mean...pregnant women shouldn't design their own nurseries; it is bad for everyone involved.

After our 1.5 trip to Ikea, which felt like we broke some speed shopping records, we needed a refresh so we headed to meet my parents for the last crawfish of the season and a little live zydeco music. We chowed down and danced until the place shut down. Abram had his first crawfish and danced his first Cajun dance. He spent the rest of the night throwing rocks and strutting across the lot to pick them up. He is amazing us by how fast he is learning the world around him, and by how fast he is learning to control those around him.

I'm so happy I was able to celebrate the awesome dad's in my life!

He wants to be just like dad

Sunday was a full-fledged nursery work day...

All the walls are painted {including the focal wall}
The fan has been installed
We primed and put the first coat of paint on the dresser/changing table
Picked out shelving {hopefully it will stay}
Moved the rocker and crib into the room

Still To Do:
Finish picking/buying/painting artwork
Finish painting dresser
Install shelves
Pick/make rug, curtains, bedding
Finishing touches