First Holiday Season with Our Boy!

       We spent this Christmas at my parent's house, in Oklahoma. Abram slept the entire 7 hours there and back; only waking for feedings. We rotate holidays with our parents right now, so we wanted to make this Christmas special for everyone since it was Abram's first and maybe Jake's last at home. Abram was pretty much the center of our xmas and Jake FINALLY got to see him for the first time.

Abram and Bijou at our house before we left {6 weeks old}

       The guys went hunting the weekend before Christmas while my mom and I finished up the shopping. I also got to visit my cousin, Casey, who had surgery for a tethered spinal cord the week before. Abram was the only person he would sit up for :). He wanted to hold him so bad so I laid them next to each other...too bad Abram was in a crabby mood that night.

       Both sets of my grandparents stopped by to see him for the first time too. I am sure the next time they see him he will look {and act} like a completely different baby.

       Most of the week we just relaxed and hung out, or played darts, or some other type of game.We always had stuff cooking, so I was stuffed the entire week long stay. We even got a little snow, but forgot to get a pic of Abram in it. Bijou loved it though! It was perfect!

the tickle monster book is pretty cute
About to watch our Christmas Eve movie, "Family Man" 

Family Christmas his Christmas sweater ;)
       We also attempted taking our own family pictures. It gets difficult with more than two the freezing a hurry. Here are some funny out takes: 

I just like this pic of Jake 

       We relaxed at our friend, Leigh Ann's house, for New Years Eve. Luckily their baby just started sleeping in his crib so the pack-n-play was set up and free for us to use for the little man so we could ring in the new year all together. Hope your holidays were fantastic!