Five on Friday | Our Week

       Today I'm linking up with Darci and some of her gals for 5 on Friday. Matt has been in Ohio all week {for the second week in a row} and just got back today, so TGIF! Having to take on the role of single mom is tough; props to all of you out there!

 I am attempting to do the Advocare 24 day challenge for the first time since becoming pregnant with Julip. It is much harder when you are not sleeping regularly, but I finished the cleanse portion Wednesday so now I'm cruising through the max phase. It has really helped us get in a routine for better eating habits again.

I have to join in on the pumpkin posts. I hated nuts when I was a kid, so pecan pie was out of the question. Anything pumpkin brings me back to sitting at my grandparent's house with my cousins, eating pumpkin pie with whipped cream, and scheming about what kind of trouble we can get into. Lesley Graham posted a pumpkin bread on her blog a while back; I enlisted Abram's help to make it this week {after my cleanse phase}. I used honey instead of the sugar so it didn't rise as much as hers. After I refine the recipe I will post a healthier version; just an excuse to keep making it ;). It is AMAZING and perfect for must try it! I'm totally wishing I was "allowed" to drink coffee right now so I could sit in my morning fog, sipping coffee and eating pumpkin bread on my hypothetical front can dream.

I am desperate to keep Abram entertained without the tv. Make no mistake, we watch our fair share, but I had a few extra canvases lying around from my etsy days. I put on some Halloween music and we worked together to make a work of art for the playroom. He loved it so much he moved on to trying to paint the walls! way mister. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.... ;) 

We are in full party planning mode for Abram's 2nd b-day. I love the invites; perfect for the terrible two's!

We had our 3rd annual pumpkin painting party with some neighborhood friends this week. My mom came to help with the kids so I could paint...HUGE help! I bought a small pumpkin so Abram could put his new-found painting skills to use. It looks like a colorful caterpillar to me and I have been so proud of it!

I hope your week went smoothly and quickly, and cheers {with my advocare spark} to the weekend! We plan on doing yard work, cleaning, and party prep...and there is talk of gumbo since it is now in the 60's at night. Crazy Cajuns.