Forever on the Farm

       Growing up, my family moved regularly to follow my dad's job in the oil business. We never lived near my grandparents, so seeing them was always an exciting time usually intertwined with holidays and celebrations. Matt moved a few times as well, but they always returned to their family farm, in Louisiana. He spent his time after school working alongside his Grandpa on the farm, and has a strong connection with the land.

       When we met, I couldn't even imagine having that kind of history and roots to a place. His Grandpa's Grandpa built the Cajun farmhouse that still sits, nestled under the oaks today. His grandpa was born in, and died in that house. The trees that surround the house were planted by his Grandpa at the arrival of each grandchild; Matt can point and tell me which tree belongs to which person.

Sitting in his grandpa's favorite chair

       When everyone started to move away for work Matt's parents began discussing selling the farm; it was a lot for two people to care for as a secondary job. The sale went through weeks after Julip was born. Everything seemed to happen at once, and before we knew it we were having to make a quick trip to Louisiana to pick up the rest of Matt's memories. It wasn't the kind of goodbye trip we were hoping for with Julip only 3 weeks old and Abram fighting a fever and pink eye, but we made the best of it.

       I quickly contacted a friend who was just starting her photography business and asked if she could take some family pictures on the farm, as a surprise for Matt. There we sat as a family of four on a hot, humid August morning; trying our best not to look too sweaty and keep the kids in good spirits. It was Julip's first and last visit to the farm that will forever be deeply ingrained in her daddy's heart.