From pilot wings, to angel wings

Our family lost our favorite pilot last week. 

       My Uncle Troy lost his very short battle with cancer and received his angel wings, on Wednesday, so I took the rest of the week off from blogging to reflect and grieve.

       I have been trying to type this post for days, but start balling every time I would sit down. Then I read some of my aunt's blog. She has constantly poured her strong faith and prayers for her husband into it and seemed so much stronger than I was. 

You may remember me mentioning him in this post, when we ran in the color run in his honor. 

       This weekend there will be a celebration of his life, with the vibrant colors of heaven and live flowers to be planted in his memory. How be able to celebrate his amazing life!

       I took Abram on a walk in the park and began to think about how much he lived. Yes, he was taken from us too early, but I believe he left knowing he had LIVED! 

       He put tons of hard work into his company, and was rewarded for that work. However, he took joy in generosity, and loved sharing the fruits of his labor with others. He saw the world and loved my aunt deeply. They had a true love that was obvious and inspiring to everyone around them...almost contagious.

       He never stopped working on projects or trying to achieve his dreams. Troy had a passion for aviation and a love for boating.  He also had deep interest in politics and wasn't afraid to stand up for what he believed. Troy was a believer in Jesus Christ and was assured of the promises of heaven and eternal life. He was a man to whom family meant so much and I pray that he felt that same interest, concern, sharing and family love from all of us.

       Too many times lately, I sit inside with Abram just wishing for things to happen. Well it is time to start living like Troy. Those wish lists will be made into lists of things I have tried. I will teach my son to work hard, love harder, dream big, see the world, give to others, and not take anything for honor of Troy's life! Who's with me?