Full Term!!

       I cannot believe I'm already here...37 weeks...full term! That means that our little man could be here at any time, although based on my dr. appointments and family history, that won't happen.

Total weight gain/loss: +30
Maternity clothes? Getting sick of cycling through them
Stretch marks? Nope...hopefully I am in the clear
Sleep: Off and on still
Best moment this week: Painting pumpkins, getting my bag packed, LSU's win, and my dr. appointment
Miss Anything?  Being normal
Movement: Still moving a lot...although it has started to slow down mid-week
Food cravings: Grapes.
Anything making you queasy or sick:  randomly
Have you started to show yet:  It is getting outta control
Gender prediction: BOY!
Labor Signs: The labor signs slowed down mid-week and my “progress” stopped…knew it
Belly Button in or out?  It is just kinda hanging on for dear life
Wedding rings on or off?  Off bc I got super glue on them….ya, not happy
Happy or Moody most of the time: Every emotion possible
Looking forward to:  Matt finishing his exam and meeting little guy!

       This past week I kept busy with pumpkin decorating, Junior League stuff, my doctor's appointment, and the LSU game. Kristen and I also got our Tdap shot {and I got my flu shot}...we handled it like champs with no fainting, so we got milkshakes! The doctor confirmed what I had been anticipating my entire pregnancy; my progress has stopped. He also thinks that going past your due date is somewhat hereditary...and I am pretty sure that just about EVERY woman in my family has gone past their due date. Instead of freaking out after this appointment, I actually felt calmer and back on schedule haha {circling 41 weeks on the calendar}. I have been trying to finish up everything and take some time to watch Halloween movies by myself while Matt studies {poor Matt}. Hopefully he can pass his exam on Friday and then we can move on to walking this baby out with a little more confidence.

After working ourselves up...it was not bad AT ALL!

        Since I am nearing the end, I must say I have enjoyed pregnant for the most part...ya, I am one of those people. No, it is not because I got "the glow", because I didn't. I just have loved the crazy experience of it all. I don't know, maybe it is because of how bad the previous year was, but I just feel so blessed to get to go through this. Nowadays I walk the line between being ready for him to be here so I can get back to myself, and not wanting him out so I can still enjoy the time with "just the two of us".

Things I did not enjoy:
I heard you get tired, but had no idea how tired
The headaches of the first trimester that lasted for DAYS!
When you get sick, you have to fight it the "old fashion way"
Of course nausea...who likes that!?
Sciatica, tailbone bone, and rib pain (since the first trimester for me)
Not being able to run because of the pressure
How easy you can dehydrate...and the dizziness that comes along with that
The rash from Hell! I would not wish that on my worst enemy...
The red busted capallaries I have gotten all over my skin
The overwhelmingly freaked-out feeling of the unknown
My balloon feet

Things I've enjoyed:
Telling our friends/family
Hearing his heartbeat
Keeping track of this once-in-a-lifetime event
My growing belly...it is seriously the first time I have not been self-conscious of my stomach in my life!...I will miss it
Being able to work out with Matt while pregnant
My clear complexion on my face {for the first time in my life}
Feeling our little boy move
Being able to eat dairy again
Seeing him on the ultrasound
Seeing Matt get so excited to meet him...he fidgets like a little boy trying to sit still :)
The crazy excitement/anticipation

       I know I am not to the "hard part" yet, but so far the good has definitely outweighed the bad, and meeting him at the end of all this will be so amazing. Matt's co-worker told him the other day that having his son will be like the best toy anyone can give him haha. I thought it was only fair that since I am the one bringing him into the world, then I am covered for Christmas gifts for the rest of our lives...but that just wouldn't much fun! ;)