Giving Thanks

I have been WAAAYYY behind on posting these days. I mean just thinking about all the things I did this summer and fall that should be blogged about is overwhelming...which is probably why I have avoided blogging haha. So I have decided to give myself a pass on this and move on...I mean sometimes life just gets to intense to keep up with it on your blog. And life since May has been just that, intense...and maybe a little frustrating, and confusing. So maybe I will mention the things that have happened (good and bad) in passing and maybe not, but I have decided that the perfect place to pick up blogging about life again is giving thanks for all I DO have (even though it is kinda late haha)!

After a very rough second half to the year, I am very thankful for my family and friends. I am thankful for large Thanksgivings with family, and almost not enough room to sleep because it continues to grow. I am thankful for holiday traditions that keep our family close. I am so glad I graduated and that God knows what my true calling is in life is, even if I don't yet. The fact that I haven't found a full time job yet is frustrating, but I know it is preparing me for something better...I am thankful that I am able to work three part-time jobs in the meantime to keep me busy and provide extra money. I am thankful that my husband has a good job at a new company, that he enjoys and is able to learn new things at. I am thankful for micro-chipping and the hope it gives me that I will find Gable one day. I am thankful that God understood my loneliness when Gable got lost, and gave me Lucky to fill my maternal need to care for something other than myself. I am thankful that we have the means to adopt a second dog soon to be a playmate for Lucky, and to help other homeless Houston dogs through donations. I am thankful for our church to provide both Matt and I with perspective every Sunday(more me than Matt because I have a tendency to lose it). And the past two weeks I have been really thankful for caring doctors and modern did people handle allergies before then!?

Our Thanksgiving was spent in Oklahoma with my mom's side of the Family. My Hubbard Grandparents didn't have Thanksgiving this year because they had just gotten back from a cruise in Hawaii...I really hope I am still traveling the world at their age! I swear sometimes I think Matt looks forward to our Thanksgivings more than me. A few of the guys have become obsessed with deer hunting during thanksgiving, and I am soooo thankful they enjoy spending time together, hunting. I made my gluten-free pumpkin pie again this year, and my Mimi made the green bean casserole; gluten-free just for me.

Our annual Pictionary game continued this year and the girls got into it. My mom got cups made, Susie made a design for shirts for the girls, they got us pink bandannas, and scheduled a game time (fit somewhere  between hunting, dinner, and the football games). We get way too competitive and probably need bells or a ref next year. ;) After a neck-to-neck game, the guys pulled off the win (we need to practice our dice rolling for next year). They were presented the trophy that Poppy and Steve made; yes there is now a trophy and yes it says, "Pictionary Champions". Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

 The girls

The guys and their trophy 

Mother-Daughter teammates