Green Smoothie

I had gotten these green smoothie recipes a few months ago, and after trying one of them I have fallen in love. Jill had posted on facebook that she needed a way to get one of the kids their veggies. I have been telling Matt for awhile that since this tastes like a banana shake, it would be an easy way to act like it is a Hulk smoothie or something and get spinach into a kids diet.

I decided to try it because I don't like to drink coffee every morning, and after 8 months of completely avoiding it last year I have learned that sometimes drinking a beverage in the morning is just a ritual I enjoy. I usually drink coffee while checking my e-mails, so I have tried to replace it one or two days a week with this smoothie to really start my day off right. I also love it as a dessert! My boot camp instructor gave me both of these smoothie recipes, and while I LOVE the banana shake taste of the first one, I am too nervous/lazy to try the second one. Kristen says she makes them all the time (thanks for letting us know how you stay so healthy Kristen ;) ) here are the recipes for those of us not in the staying fit/physical business. Jill, you may repay me with the cinnamon roll know, to go with my green smoothie in the mornings! ;)

Easy Green Smoothie:

Put in a blender...
1 banana
2-3 handfuls of raw spinach
2 cups of almond milk (the vanilla almond milk is the best)
blend it until smooth. 
then add 1-2 cups of ice depending on how icy you want it and blend it again.
*You can put in a little protein powder if you have it to make it more well balanced. (I don't, but Matt does after working out)
* If your banana is not ripe enough or if you want it sweeter add a little honey (I use local to help my allergies) and it is perfect.
This makes 1 serving...but Matt and I can usually split it
It only takes 2 minutes to make. Easy and so good. 
"Legit" Green Smoothie (in Carrie's words):
Chop up the following items and put into a blender...
1 cup of almond milk (can substitute hemp milk if you have a nut allergy, or you could even substitute with water)
1 grapefruit (just trim the majority of the outer peel off with a knife)
1/4 cucumber
2 handfuls of spinach (the more the better for you)
1/4 of avocado
teaspoon of preferred sweetener (stevia, sugar, green leaf, etc)
1/2 lime (juice squeezed)
1 large leaf of kale (optional) Kale is full of good stuff but does make the smoothie not taste quite as good. I would recommend adding this later. First just start with the other ingredients and get that down.
Blend all together...
Add ice (as much as desired 4-5 cubes per smoothie works for me) 
Blend again
I usually double the recipe and make 2 smoothies. If you don't have a very good blender, blend the ingredients as you add a few at time 
You can play with the amounts as desired but that is what works for me. It doesn't have to be exact. It's such a great way to start your day. I often cut up everything the night before and put it in the blender and put it in the fridge overnight without blending it. Then in the morning I just add the almond milk and blend it. That way I don't run out of time in the morning to get my day started right. 
Happy Holidays!