Half Way There!

       Wow! I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by...20 weeks already! I cannot imagine possibly having a baby in my arms in 20 more weeks. On the day I turned 20 weeks we also happened to be celebrating our 2 year anniversary, so we had double to celebrate. Matt found a "hidden gem" in the country near where we live (we get the best of both worlds...country and city). Karl's on the Riverbend (aka to all you Louisianians...on the Coulee haha) was an old-time looking restaurant/used to be house maybe, complete with a fireplace and cuckoo clock above it. Their menu was not as simple. The chef is Swiss and their menu has everything from chicken with hollandaise sauce to wild boar. I got the pork chop with apple, and Matt got the rack of lamb. We also had the best scallops ever for an appetizer and free chocolate and amaretto mouse for dessert. I left feeling like I was pregnant with 2 babies. In this pic (before I ate) I am exactly 20 weeks.

Total weight gain/loss: +11
Baby’s Size: Length of a Banana (crown to heel now)
Maternity clothes? Be Band and stretchy clothes
Stretch marks? No
Sleep: great...except for bathroom breaks and it is getting hard to roll over
Best moment this week: Seeing the Hubbard family in Branson for our reunion trip, going jet skiing (carefully), and our anniversary dinner
Miss Anything?  Nope…well...try going on a family vaca and not drinking…just saying
Movement: Yes…play some loud club music and it happens
Food cravings: sweets still…which is typical for not-pregnant me
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nope
Have you started to show yet:  yes…they finally started noticing at boot camp...but strangers still say nothing
Gender prediction: I think I am not letting myself feel like it is one or the other for fear of feeling disappointed when we know…I do not want to be disappointed in my child already ;). Matt just says he doesn’t prefer one or the other, but just knows from a feeling that it is a boy haha. Typical.
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out?  In
Wedding rings on or off?  On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy
Symptoms: Lower back pain/sciatic nerve pain, rib pain, fullness when eating a little, achey muscles, some ankle swelling...no bueno
Looking forward to:  Seeing the baby on Wednesday and finding out the gender at our reveal bbq

2nd Anniversary Dinner Date

       We headed to Branson for the Hubbard family reunion/father’s day weekend on Friday. The whole family went to a couple shows at night, Silver Dollar City one day, watched the Thunder one night, and spent the day at Lake Table Rock on Monday. I have not been on a jet ski in so long that when Matt wanted to rent one I didn't refuse. He took me on a careful, easy ride through the lake...gotta do these things before I am stuck holding a baby all day. It was good to hang out with my dad’s side of the family; it hasn’t happened in a while. All of my younger cousins have grown up so much.

Kristen and I listening to a band the first night
Cooling off in the lake
Jake and Dylan

Dylan just graduated high school and Jake will be a Senior this year...ahhhh...Jake is also a certified life guard now. Congrats on landing my dream job ;)!
Jake and Kayla took the jet ski for a spin...

My aunt and uncle...I practically lived at their house for part of my life 

 Matt and I about to jet ski

 Kris and Brandon
Scott and Casey...what a brave 6 year old

Haley and Corey

 Matt helped Casey be captain for a while

The G's...they were great sports! 

I love this picture of them
       The baby is also quite the dancer; we were in a loud show with a lot of singing and dancing and it started kicking like crazy. Later in the week I was listening to one of my favorite burned cd’s, by Kristen, and it would not stop kicking. It seems to appreciate the faster paced club music…NO JOKE...we already have a club rat on our hands ;). Well baby, get ready for your momma to dance it up with you (oh no I am my mom)! I know you are supposed to play classical music to make the kid smarter, so what about rap/dance music? Hmmmm… On Tuesday (the day we flew home and Matt and my two year anniversary), I felt the movements behind my belly button which was a really creepy feeling.
       Running is a pain in the a** these days. I never thought I would be the person who prefers lifting weights over running, but now when we are sent on a run for bootcamp I moan like most of the woman. I tried to do a mile around a pond near our house (I used to do 3 every time I ran easy-as-pie) and had to stop twice. I just felt like a ball bouncing up and down with two sticks for legs. My bladder gets the brunt of the bouncing, so one of those stops was to run into the bathroom. Along with that, my poor legs and rear now get to do all the work with little help from my abs unlike before. Ugghh...you never understand when people say these things until it happens to you.

Our reveal party invite

      This is the last weekly bump post before we know if it is a girl or boy yay! We have a lot to do this week to prepare for our reveal party; including our anatomy scan on Wednesday. Based on the old wives tales I have written for the past weekly updates we are having a boy 5-4...feel free to send me your votes now!