Happily Ever After

Yesterday we celebrated our first anniversary as a married couple! We both cannot believe how quickly this year has passed...it really does seem like yesterday that we were dancing like crazy at our reception. This one year also means that we have now been living together for almost three years and a couple for 8 years and 8 months!
We were in Lafayette over the weekend to see Leslie's sister, Naomie, get married. She was beautiful and so were her bridesmaids in yellow (deja vu ;)). There wedding was lots of fun with new dances I hadn't seen before and a photobooth.
We managed to get up early on Sunday to head home to celebrate our anniversary that night and eat our cake (which I ate even though it wasn't the best idea...it is a once-in-a-lifetime kinda thing). Matt did the planning, but I told him it is his anniversary too. We left to head to Perry's steakhouse at 7 (the start time of our ceremony) and on the way Matt played the song I walked down the aisle to (Yellow)...memories! He also gave me a sweet card that got me crying...finally a year later I cried haha! We enjoyed dinner and then went home to eat our cake (still delish)...unfortunately it was a Sunday so that was the end of our celebrating, but it was very simple and nice.

I never thought when my best friends made it their mission to get us to "date" in High School, that it would lead to this kind of happiness. Matt always teases me that I almost gave up... We have been through many stages of life together... me cheering for him in football games, high school dances, him going away to college while I stayed in Lafayette, my parents moving away, studying abroad, the introduction of Gable (no easy task at the beginning), graduations, being at LSU together, Matt's first career job with our big move, our first house, and finally our marriage.

We both thought our favorite point of the last year was the wedding (being with everyone to celebrate) and the honeymoon...and of course, the worst was all of my school torture. I am so excited to see what the next year has in store for us! It should be very exciting!