Happy Easter!

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. Hoping to get back into blogging soon, just been consumed with everyday life.

We went to Lafayette for Easter which just so happened to be Mrs. Debra's b-day too. Saturday we went crabbing which I haven't done since I started college...we were only out there for 3 hours, but that was plenty. Oh by the way, to the right of the first picture was about 3-4 gators hanging out with us and waiting to eat our left over chicken when we left. We got two shows in one here, Swamp People and Deadliest Catch haha. We caught 3 dozen crabs...Matt's family cooked them that night, but I went out to eat with my long lost friends, Erika and Leslie. Erika has been a Northerner (sorry mid-westerner), living it up in Chicago since September. Matt just so happens to have training there in May so we will be paying her a visit.

Sunday, I got to visit more with Erika at her son, Clark's first birthday party (where has the time gone). At Matt's house they fried up some chicken on the porch...and I seemed to get there just in time! Happy (late) Easter and happy birthday Mrs. Debra and Clark!