Happy Fall!

       I cannot believe it is already fall! We have been in zombie/crazy/bliss mode as we try and navigate through life with a newborn AND a toddler. I may have lost my mind when I thought that this would go smoothly-ish. 

      A couple of weeks ago Matt went out of town for an entire week {even over the weekend}. I honestly thought he would come home and I would be unconscious on the floor, with a toddler jumping on me. It was a tough week and we may have watched the movie "Cars" a few more times than I care to admit, but I made it through alive and even wrangled Abram to help me make brownies for us Matt when he got home.

       I am told it gets better and is even fun once they are a little older. That being said I do love both of my babies and life right now, and will even more once I am getting a full night of sleep. I am one of those people who knows I don't do well without sleep, but watching Abram smother Julip with kisses always brightens my day!

      We try not to bring JP anywhere crowded until she is vaccinated {1 more week...I keep having to remind myself}. It has also been deathly hot and humid, monsoon rainy, and mosquito infested here so we haven't been able to go outside...cabin fever. We mainly enjoy football games and baby photo shoots during the games we are losing. It reminds me of why I love fall; it's not about the pumpkin spice latte's {not my favorite}. It's about football and weather I can go outside in after a HOT summer.

       Today, mother nature got the memo. There aren't beautiful colored leaves everywhere...it's Houston people...but the weather is about 5 degrees cooler and 80% less humid so I celebrated by taking Julip on her first run! She fell asleep for 2 hours!! RECORD nap... 

       It gave me time to work on Abram's 2nd b-day party decor; we are throwing a Halloween/monster themed party the day after Halloween. I don't have a lot of Halloween decor because before I was a parent I was never that into it, but this party is giving me a reason to stock up...even if the old women in Micheal's called it evil and gave me the stink eye as I pushed my 6 week old through the aisle of witch hats and trick or treat signs. :/ Don't worry I hate anything scary so this is a happy, candy-filled, festive party.

Happy 1st day of fall and yay for me for managing to get this post up with 30 minutes to spare!