Happy Valentines Day

I have never really been into Valentines Day...it puts too much expectation out there for one day. I do, however, believe in going on romantic dates throughout the year...so I told Matt to please not celebrate on the day of. He agreed because we would rather go eat out when the restaurant is not packed. I picked a sushi date because it's been way too long since I had sushi, and we planned our "Valentines" date for tonight...so Happy Tag Valentines Day! I am so excited!

I should have expected that Matt and I couldn't go without celebrating the holiday at least a little. I came home from boot camp to filet mignon and asparagus and I whipped out the chocolate wine I had secretly bought for him.

I did make a comment about how it was weird to not get flowers from him on the holiday, but I was fine with it...and I even told him to suggest to a friend going on a first date NOT to get red roses because they are too typical.

"Tulips are cool or at least yellow roses". 

After dinner he went upstairs to get the yellow tulips and gluten free crave cupcakes he had hidden from me. Geez he knows me well and geez am I lucky...I'm loving the unplanned Valentines Day dinner and the second date night I get for suggesting we shouldn't do the typical Valentines Day ha!

On another note, I have never owned a puppy in my adult life. There is a reason for it...they are HARD to care for, you don't know how big they will get, and you cannot train them.

I must have forgotten that when I volunteered to babysit these little piglets. I am not saying they are horrible and I am not promoting that they don't get adopted...they are puppies and no matter how much you tell some people to go the adult dog route, they will always love the puppies...so I am just being honest. It has been a while since I have had to clean up this much pee and poo (Lucky and Bijou were both pretty much house trained when I got them)...

They were in the exercise pen playing for an hour and this picture is after I cleaned the puddles and piles...don't they know they are supposed to potty on the puppy pad and not tear it to pieces!
Don't get me wrong they are SUPER cute.
...especially the way they are sleeping in the crate right now, but I am looking forward to having a house with just us and the Bij again.
Adult dog adopter for life!