House Hunting & Egg Hunting

I think I've mentioned here a time or two that we are Ohio...from Texas...SOUTH Texas to NORTH Ohio to be exact. It will be a big change for our family. We will also pay for good snow advice next winter.

We listed our {first} house a couple weeks ago, after what felt like a decade of talking about it. We had three offers within the first 2 days, one of those being from the first people who saw it. It was a huge relief for me since the staging was all mine.

We lived with my parents the entire week we kept it on the market. Then, we headed straight to Ohio to buy a house while my parents watched the kids. We had about 50 houses on our first list and narrowed them down to 20-something in different areas of Cleveland. We knew nothing about Cleveland so the first few days were just driving around to see different areas. By the time Friday came we had narrowed them down to our top two. It was straight out of an episode of House Hunters {I hate that show}...I always feel bad for the people because there is never a perfect answer. House 1: Location and House 2: Roomy and updated. 

In the end, after lots of tears from me, we went with house 1 and paid a little more than we would have liked for a smaller house that is in a great location. We will be down-sizing and cutting out the guest bedroom completely so that will be a challenge. The yard is great, as well as the community, and there is lots to do in the area...the lake is a mile away. Matt has always dreamed about being near the water and this will probably be the closest we ever get to a lake house, so that's what we will call it!

We headed back to Houston, on Friday evening, and had company come in for Easter. I tried to get the kids ready early enough to get their baskets before church. Abram is NOT a morning person, so he refused his shirt and didn't smile until he saw the candy and animals. Julip was just trying to sit up without falling and had gotten a mosquito bite on the middle of her forehead the night before... These picture will be awesome to look back on haha.

It was muggy and overcast for the majority of the weekend, but luckily the rain held out for our Easter egg hunt. We all went to my parent's house after church where we grilled everything you can think of, dyed eggs, watched the kids get WAY TOO into the hunt, and had my mom's Easter strawberry crepes {made gluten-free for me}. I seriously had dreams about them the entire week before!

Abram loved playing with "the boys"; he always imitates everything they do. Whenever they were counting their eggs on the grass, he began throwing his into the grass, yelling " 2, 3, 8, 10, 14, 18, 20". He cracks me up...hope your Easter was fabulous!